New Zealand Property Investors' Federation, (NZPIF) is the umbrella body for 20 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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NZPIF is hiring a series of videos from APIA over the next six months.  Here are the details about the first in the series

Title: The best ways to get your property insurance claim paid 

Produced by: Auckland Property Investors’ Association

Presentation by: Gary van Zijl, Initio Insurance 

Description: Gary van Zijl from Initio Insurance sharing insider tips on how landlords can be successful with insurance claims. 

Disclaimer: This video is produced by the Auckland Property Investors' Association. All opinions expressed are that of the speaker and do not necessarily align with that of the Auckland Property Investors' Association.  We recommend investors to seek appropriate financial advice for further clarity on your insurance related inquiries. 

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