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Friday, Apr 01, 2011

Presidents report

The half a percentage point reduction in the Official Cash rate will be good for the economy and a welcome relieve for rental property owners. The timing of the interest rate cuts is excellent, coming just as building depreciation allowances are being removed for residential rental properties. However the interest rate cuts will not fully compensate for the tax changes that came into place on the first of April. In addition, rental prices only increased by an average 3% last year while general inflation was at 4%. Combined with an increase in demand and weak supply, almost everything is pointing to higher rental prices.

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Tuesday, Feb 01, 2011

The risks associated with long term property investment

There is a particular risk that has showed up recently and that is building a property portfolio in a single area. The recent events such as the Christchurch earthquake and the Queensland floods have caused huge problems for the local populations and even loss of life. These natural disasters have also caused many problems for property investors and their tenants in both areas. These problems will have been especially bad for investors who had all their properties in the one area.

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Sunday, Aug 01, 2010

Current market conditions favour investors

In my travels around the Property Investor Associations I have picked up on quite a few experienced members increasing their portfolios. In fact even some of the less experienced investors are learning to be counter cyclical from other members and either starting or expanding their investments.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

President's May/June Report

RTA Amendments tabled again. QV Insider updates. Communication Meeting. Another special for NZPIF Conference.

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Thursday, Apr 23, 2009

President's April Report

Drugs in rental properties. Responsibility for Outgoings. Submission on the Unit Titles Bill. Changes to Associated Persons rules. Monthly reports from Thomas Chin. HERS and NZBCD proposal.

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Tuesday, Mar 24, 2009

President's March report

Meeting with Minister of Housing. Assisting with revision of RTA Amendment Bill (no 2). Second survey on property managers. CHRANZ Aged Housing Workshop.

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Tuesday, Feb 17, 2009

President's February Report

Outlook for 2009. Property investors will find opportunities. Important to consider the hardship of others. Rents likely to rise.

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Thursday, Jan 29, 2009

President's January report

The promise of the New Year. Opportunities this year for cash flow properties. Acknowledging our national sponsors. First Executive meeting on February 21.

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Tuesday, Dec 23, 2008

President's December report

Findings of the Survey for Ministry of Justice Review Team. Check the property market while in relaxed holiday mode. New style membership cards being designed. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

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Monday, Dec 01, 2008

President's November Report

New Minister of Building and Construction. Effects of the global economic crisis. Meeting of DBH National Customer Service Council. Survey for Ministry of Justice Review Team. 2008/2009 NZPIF Executive.

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Wednesday, Oct 29, 2008

President's AGM Report

Martin Evans reviewed the last year for members at the AGM held on October 24 in Rotorua. This, he said, has been a year of change during which the NZ Property Investors' Federation has shown leadership.

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Tuesday, Sep 23, 2008

President's September report

In Martin's absence, Andrew King writes about the Housing NZ 'P' case, tenant damage in Christchurch, importance of regular inspections and of checking the details of the cover your insurance policy provides you.

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Friday, Aug 29, 2008


The report covers Housing Affordability, Lawyers and Conveyancers Act, Housing Policies of the Kiwi Party, National Party, NZ First and Green Party.

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Thursday, Aug 28, 2008

President's August report

Positive response to Code from media. Rental market slow around country. MPs appreciative of NZPIF input to RTA Bill. Recent visits to PIAs.

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Thursday, Jul 17, 2008

President's July Report

Code of Ethics launched. New Landlord of the Year Award. Comments to politicians on RTA Amendment Bill. Online transaction facility organised. High profile speaker’s tour of 7 Associations.

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Friday, Jun 27, 2008

NZPIF President's June Report

RTA Amendments tabled in Parliament. Annual Communications Meeting held. New National Sponsor - Generation Developments. 08/09 Agreement with DBH - New Landlord Seminars

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

NZPIF President's May report

This month Martin Evans is re-elected as President of NZPIF for a further term. The fifth ANZ Property Investment Survey findings are released and NZPIF is involved in exploring future needs for social housing.

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Monday, Apr 14, 2008

NZPIF President's April Report

During April we have a campaign to tell non member investors that they can tap into a lot of experience and knowledge by joining a PIA. I gain information from a Tenancy Services Customer Meeting and I outline our plans for lobbying between now and the election

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Thursday, Feb 21, 2008

Rental property buyers are not the root cause of New Zealand’s housing unaffordability problem

Commerce Select Committee members were told today by Martin Evans, President of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation.

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Thursday, Oct 25, 2007

President's Address to AGM 2007

It was an interesting and often worrying year for property investors. The government led by Treasury blamed us for fueling the economy and forcing house prices out of reach of first homeowners. We explained that homeowners buy with their hearts and investors buy using their heads. Homeowners will pay anything to purchase the house they have fallen in love with. Whereas the investor will back off and look for the next opportunity, which have been few and far between in this market.

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Wednesday, Aug 22, 2007

Property Investors - Responsible Business Operators or Public Enemy No 1?

With the collapse of seven finance companies in the last 16 months, including three in the last eight days, Martin Evans, President of the NZ Property Investors� Federation, says that the worry for investors in managed funds and shares is the prospect of who might be next.

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Wednesday, Mar 07, 2007

President's Report

The property market at last seems to be cooling. This is good news for property investors as Treasury and the Government try to hurry the downturn in the property cycle by suggestions of restricting our business.

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Monday, Feb 28, 2005

Making it easier to find absconding tenants

The NZPIF has presented a submission on information matching between Government Departments. We believe that No government agency or its processes should shield those who have broken laws or contracts or those who are deliberately avoiding their financial obligations.

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Thursday, Dec 09, 2004

NZPIF Member Newsletter - Issue 1 - Spring 2004

During the past couple of years the Federation has made significant progress on many fronts...

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Thursday, Oct 21, 2004

NZPIF Depreciation Submission

Submission on the issues paper 'Repairs and Maintennance to the Tax Depreciation Rules'

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