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The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 17 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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  • Tax change bad news for tenants
    The IRD states that in NZ, tax is applied to a person's net income and there are no restrictions on loss making from any source. However the Government is introducing a Bill to just ring-fence rental property tax losses.
    10-12-2018 more >>
  • Indirect payment of letting fees may be the unintended outcome
    Property managers are to be banned from charging tenants a letting fee from 12 December this year.
    15-11-2018 more >>
  • Domestic war zones will increase under proposed tenancy law changes
    A Motueka street has returned to normality after three years of turmoil caused by the actions of Housing NZ tenants in one rental property.
    06-11-2018 more >>
  • Tenants and landlords understanding each other
    “I am heartened by recent evidence that the Government wants to help landlords and tenants understand each other’s point of view" said Andrew King, Executive Officer of the NZ Property Investors' Federation.
    19-10-2018 more >>
  • Rental system is not broken
    "Landlords are very aware that housing in New Zealand is expensive and the CoreLogic data shows that they are doing their best to keep rental price increases as low as possible. This is completely opposite to the commonly held view that rental property providers are profiting at the expense of tenants", says Andrew King, Executive Officer of NZ Property Investors' Federation (NZPIF)
    20-09-2018 more >>
  • Rents haven't been outpacing property costs or peoples wages
    CoreLogic research analyst Kelvin Davidson writes: Residential property investors are clearly under the pump from the government at the moment, facing increased costs and regulatory pressures, including higher quality standards (e.g. insulation), increased tenant rights, and pending removal of negative gearing.
    19-09-2018 more >>
  • Rental property WOF
    The Green Party has today relaunched a campaign to introduce a rental property Warrant of Fitness.
    08-09-2018 more >>
  • Proposed standards need to be cost effective
    Government has released proposed standards for their Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill. This covers improved standards to rental properties that are additional to the rental property Minimum Standards Act that was passed in 2016.
    04-09-2018 more >>
  • A landlord's wish list
    “Government has outlined changes they want to undertake to help tenants, but the NZ Property Investors' Federation (NZPIF) would also like to see changes to help those providing rental properties,” says Andrew King, Executive Officer of the NZPIF.
    27-08-2018 more >>
  • Rent arrears are a big issue for the rental property industry.
    Andrew King says rent arrears are by far the largest reason for application to the Tenancy Tribunal.
    08-08-2018 more >>
  • Andrew King answers the claims made by Renters United
    Renters United recently published a blue print to change New Zealand's "broken" rental rules
    12-07-2018 more >>
  • The correct facts about tax and rental properties
    Westpac Economist, Dominick Stephens, says that property is more lightly taxed in NZ compared to other assets. He quotes a Tax Working Group study to make this claim. However financial consultants Morgan Wallace found large errors in the Group’s study and concluded that rental property is actually taxed more than other assets.
    19-06-2018 more >>
  • Chief scientist recommends higher safe meth level
    The New Zealand Property Investors' Federation welcomes Sir Peter Gluckman's report into the negative health effects of methamphetamine (meth).
    29-05-2018 more >>
  • Short supply of houses increases rents and creates working poor
    "The last few years have seen record population growth which has caused a sudden need for extra housing" said NZPIF Executive Officer, Andrew King
    28-05-2018 more >>
  • Trend of rising rents continues
    Just released April rental statistics show that New Zealand rental prices have continued to grow over the past year.
    21-05-2018 more >>
  • Questioning the Tax Working Group's property calculations
    The Tax Working Group (TWG) appears to be showing an unbalanced approach to rental property investment, by using incorrect calculations and inconsistent assumptions to assess relative tax rates for different asset classes.
    20-04-2018 more >>
  • Rental prices continue to rise
    Just released March rental statistics show that New Zealand rental prices have continued to grow over the past year.
    16-04-2018 more >>
  • Over half of rentals don't have a letting fee
    More information about the experience of banning letting fees in other countries.
    27-03-2018 more >>
  • Should letting fees be abolished?
    The NZ Property Investors' Federation (NZPIF) doesn't think legislation to prohibit the charging of letting fees is required.
    23-03-2018 more >>
  • No immediate answers from Housing Stocktake
    “The NZPIF agrees with the authors of the Housing Stocktake released today that private rental housing will continue to feature prominently in our future housing landscape”, says Andrew King, executive officer.
    12-02-2018 more >>
  • Undue panic created around meth contamination of properties
    Andrew King says the NZPIF agrees with the Minister of Housing's comments that there has been undue panic created around meth contamination of properties
    10-12-2017 more >>
  • Protection of tenant rights
    "It is important to protect tenant rights," said Andrew King, executive officer of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation. "However, it is not correct to say that tenants have no rights in New Zealand and that tenancy laws need to be rebalanced towards the tenant".
    18-09-2017 more >>
  • Landlords offer stable tenancies
    A survey of 816 rental property owners shows that 49% would like their tenants to stay in the property for a very long time as they have no intention of selling. Another 12.7% would like them to stay for at least the next 10 years after which they may start thinking about selling the property.
    15-09-2017 more >>
  • Facts not scaremongering
    In a Radio NZ interview today, Labour's housing spokesperson said that the NZ Property Investors' Federation (NZPIF) was scaremongering by releasing findings of a survey that showed that nearly three quarters of rental property owners would increase rents if some of Labour's housing policies were introduced. He also said that NZPIF did not explain why this would happen.
    14-09-2017 more >>
  • 816 landlords react to Labour's housing proposals
    The NZ Property Investors' Federation (NZPIF) received 816 responses to a survey of rental property owners giving their thoughts on a variety of matters currently affecting their industry.
    13-09-2017 more >>

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