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Federation Activities

Vital news for all property investors

Vital news for all property investors

  • Gluckman report on meth
  • Asbestos and rental properties
  • Ring fencing rental property losses
  • Tax Working Group wrongly believes rental property undertaxed
  • Osaki case and unlawful dwellings
  • May rental market statistics and report
  • Rental research

New report on meth in rental properties

The NZPIF is pleased with the findings of a new report into whether residual meth in New Zealand homes poses a risk to human health.

The report was written by the Prime Ministers Chief Science Advisor, Sir Peter Gluckman.

You can read a NZPIF summary of the Gluckman meth report findings hereYou can view the full meth report here


Asbestos and rental properties

The Health and Safety (Asbestos) Regulations 2016 came into effect on 4 April 2018. These regulations were mostly aimed at the Asbestos removal industry and commercial landlords, however they also apply to residential landlords. 

It appears that the regulators forgot about this, as the residential rental industry was not consulted or even informed of the regulations.

You can view how you may be affected here. You can also view an APIA video on asbestos management here.  It is video 4 in the list of videos from APIA. 


Ring-fencing rental property losses

The New Zealand Property Investors' Federation has provided input into the suggested introduction of ring-fencing rental property losses.

NZPIF maintains there is a fundamental error in the assumption that tax deductability for rental property allows property investors to outbid owner occupiers. We make the case for a cap on ring-fencing rather than an all out ban.

You can see the full submission here.


Tax Working Group wrongly believes rental property undertaxed

The Tax Working Group (TWG) was established by the Government to ensure the New Zealand tax system is fair, balanced and administered well.

It is difficult to argue against these aims, but the NZPIF is interested in how the TWG establishes what currently isn't fair and balanced in our tax system and how they would correct this. Concerned that the group was making decisions based on a false study, the NZPIF commissioned a report to refute their claims.

You can read more about this here. You can view the complete NZPIF submission here.


The Osaki case and unlawful dwellings

These two issues have caused rental property owners a great deal of anxiety over the last two years and are finally being addressed through the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill No 2. It has taken far too long.

Solutions to both issues are not perfect, but they are better than we currently have at present. Read an update on these matters here


May rental report

The National rental prices were more or less static at $432 in May compared to last month. However monthly statistics are quite variable. Rental prices have increased by 4.4% over the year to May 2018.

View the full rental report for May 2018 here. To cslculate your rental price and see rental price graphs and May statistics for individual areas and property types, go to the NZPIF website here.


Rental research

The University of Waikato is conducting a survey of residential landlords. The goal is to analyse the rent setting process and what can influence you in setting your rental prices. The survey is anonymous and will take about 10 minutes to complete. It is a good opportunity for you to say what influences rental prices.

To take the survey, click here