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The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 20 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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Landscaping on a budget

No one wants to lose sleep and break the budget at the final stages of a build. But when a development or subdivision is just about there, adding up every plant can test your patience – and your pocket.

That's why we were stoked to find an affordable plants package. In a nutshell, it's an efficient way to get the greenlife for your section sorted and looking swish, without shelling out time and money on individual items. This package is available to both full NZIF members and Associate Members.

Just get your house or development plan over to Bunnings, give them the address of the new build or subdivisions and if you like, a steer on what you want – then they'll come back to you with a quote at a surprisingly competitive price. On approval, you'll receive what you need for landscaping, an itemised package of greenery and flowers to plant when you're ready.

Take a squiz at example plans and packages to suit available here, price depending on the size of the property and materials required. Each quote is tailored to the location of the home, taking into account climate, sunlight and lifestyle.  Read more about this efficient solution here


Have you used your NZPIF card in Guthrie Bowron recently?

Full NZPIF members can use their NZPIF card to obtain an amazing array of discounts at Guthrie Bowron, including on Dulux paint. Go to this page, scroll down to Guthrie Bowron and then log on as a member to check out their list of discounts.  If you have trouble logging in as a member email  Do go and have a look at what is available in your local Guthrie Bowron store.  You willl be very impressed.