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Call to action - submissions about the RTA changes now open until March 25

Submissions open until March 25 -Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 

 Here is a description of the Bill.  It has been referred to the Social Services and Community Select Committee. The Committee has called for public submissions on the Bill – submissions close on Wednesday 25 March 2020.  We need as many submissions as possible to go through to the Select Committee before the closing date.

Here is a link to the Parliament website where you can make a submission. Here also is a submission template which will assist you to complete the content of the online submission form.


The changes landlords need to know about

Losing the 90 notice is truly significant, but so are the vast amount of penalties being thrown at landlords.

Prior to present Government: 24 Unlawful Acts against Landlords,

Under Labour including this Bill: now 60 Unlawful Acts, 24 Criminal Offences added, Pecuniary Penalties (up to $50,000) added, Improvement Notices and Enforcement Undertakings added.

Read about these new penalties here and in the description of the Bill above.


Call to action

What can you do?

1. Write a submission and send it in to the Social Services and Community Select Committee before March 25.

2. Encourage your PIA to send in a submission before the due date.

3 Talk to anyone you know who owns rental property and ask them to do a submission.

4 If you have members who are representatives of property management companies, ask them to send information to the owners whose properties they manage and encourage submissions from them.

5. Make sure your professional advisers such as your accountant and lawyer are aware of the changes and have sent information to their clients who own rental property.