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Only 5 days to go for Submissions. Sign our petition Insurance and Covid-19


and rental


As there have been many questions about the claims, if any, which can be made as a result of the impact of Covid-19 on tenants and rentals, Initio has developed a dedicated page to answer all your questions.  Go here to find out if you are covered for a tenant-related damage claim if you have not been able to do an inspection of your rental property when it was due as a result of the tenant being in isolation at the property. 

The inspection regime is not relevant if the claim concerns something where the tenant can have had no input. So if the claim is say lightning striking the chimney or the wind blowing down the fence, then the lack of any recent inspection would not invalidate that claim. Only if the claim concerns tenant-related damage does this requirement come into consideration.


Submissions open until March 25 - only 5 days to go

Submissions about the changes outlined in the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill close on Wednesday 25 March 2020. Have you sent in your submission?

Here is a link to the Parliament website where you can make a submission.

Here also is a submission template which will assist you to complete the content of the online submission form.

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Sign this petition even if you have forwarded a submission.

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