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The Online Tenancy Agreement builder with images this time.

The Online Tenancy Agreement Builder - a special benefit for full NZPIF Members and Associate Members


As many members will know, the current Tenancy Services tenancy agreement form has grown from 4 pages to 20 pages over the last few years.

To make managing tenancies easier, the NZPIF has produced a tool for members to create Tenancy Agreements online.

The tool is customisable for your circumstances. You can create as many agreements as you like and they will be stored in your account on the NZPIF website so that you just need to update them for new tenancies.

There are many terms for tenancies that are included in the tool, so you can select the ones that you want to include or are appropriate for your particular circumstances.


How to access the Tenancy Agreement Builder:

To access the tool, go to and click "Members Login" which is at the top right of the screen.

If you have never logged in as a member before and don't have a password, click "Never had a password". If you have forgotten your password, click "Password Reset". Both will send an email to you so that you can set up or reset your password.  Once this is done, go back to the Members Login button and begin.

Once you have logged on as a member, click on the "My Details" button on the top right side of the screen.


From this screen you can update your membership details if you need to. To produce a Tenancy Agreement, click on the forms menu option - on the far right hand side of the menu bar.


From the forms page, click on "Create a new form". All the forms you create will be saved and accessible from this page.



After clicking "Create a new form" you will open the forms page and can select "Start a Tenancy Agreement".

The Agreement builder is structured into four main columns. The first column has the main sections of the Tenancy Agreement and the second column has subsections.

The third column is where you enter your tenancy details. The information is categorised as either mandatory (which must be completed), recommended or optional.

The fourth column has more information to help you complete your agreement.


When you enter the address of the tenancy, this becomes the form's identifier on the main Forms page, so you can go back later and edit it.

When you move from one section to another or download the agreement, the agreement information automatically saves. However, you can manually save any time you like.

The agreement downloads into a PDF format which you can save onto your own computer. You can read through the agreement to make sure it has outputted correctly and has all the information you need it to contain.

You can email the agreement to your tenant to check over. Once you are happy with the completed agreement, print two copies for you and your tenant to sign and keep.


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