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The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 17 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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Federation Activities

HUD GPS statement, Empty Homes Project and webinar on 29 July


HUD and the Government Policy Statement

HUD is currently reviewing its policy for the GPS. This policy will communicate the long-term vision for housing and urban development systems and how the Government will work with others to make it happen. It is intended to provide a shared vision and direction across housing and urban development, and to guide and inform the actions of all those who contribute.

Submissions are open until the 30th July. Details can be found at Please if you have time, do a submission. Private property providers are hardly mentioned in this document which is a real concern for our industry.


Empty homes project

The Wise Group - a charitable trust - has just launched an independent feasibility study into empty homes in New Zealand. They have liaised with property sector stakeholders (including Sharon Cullwick) during the development phase of their project. The Wise Group understands that housing is a complex issue, and there can be many potential reasons and contributing factors for leaving a property empty. They are aware that empty home owners can be misunderstood or unfairly judged. Therefore, they seek to authentically and openly engage with owners of empty homes.

The Empty Homes project is an independent feasibility study that is working to:

  • understand more about the nature of empty homes in New Zealand, and
  • explore whether there are opportunities for empty homes to be reintroduced into the housing supply.

Please take part in the Empty Homes project
If you own a property that's empty - either some of the time or all of the time - you're invited to share your views. Go to to complete a short, anonymous survey. You do not need to give your name or address of your property.

The Wise Group welcomes the participation of empty home owners in the project and looks forward to understanding your situation and perspective.


REMINDER - Healthy Homes webinar on 29 July

The 29 July at 7.00pm is the new date for a webinar with Tenancy Services. During this webinar, Raymond Suen from Tenancy Services and Elzeth Grant Fargie, Senior Policy Advisor for the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, will be answering the questions you have forwarded to NZPIF.   If you have not already registered and would like to listen in please register using this link -