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The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 17 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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Federation Activities

An interesting finish to the year


RPNZ has been rebranded to Property Guru.

CoreLogic is excited to announce that RPNZ has been rebranded as Property Guru. It has all the same RPNZ features users know and love, plus more to come including additional search types, new reports and enriched mapping tools.

The Property Guru brand is an important part of CoreLogic's heritage, and was originally launched when CoreLogic was still Terralink, an organisation that traced its history in New Zealand back more than 100 years. Developing this brand reflects our continued commitment to creating an innovative market-leading research platform for Kiwi property professionals. 

Users don't need to do anything to continue enjoying the benefits of RPNZ. They're all still there – but now branded as Property Guru 

There are a couple of ways to access Property Guru:

CoreLogic has recently added a host of new features that our users have asked for – like faster searching, expanded filters and the ability to export marketing-compliant lists. More functionality will be introduced over the coming months.

Members can sign up to the new Property Guru at the special rate of $80 +GST by going here



Coming up on December 2 at 7.00pm - a webinar with Raymond Suen

Raymond will answer the questions you have sent in and will cover other topics such as the new legislation, recently passed, which can restrict tenancy terminations when people are required to stay at home due to public health measures.

These restrictions do not currently apply.

The restrictions on tenancy terminations will be able to be switched on and off by Ministerial Order (a ‘COVID-19 tenancies order') in response to public health measures which generally restrict people from moving house (for example, Alert Level 4 restrictions).

Raymond will also discuss other issues such as whether or not a landlord can legally ask about the vaccination status of prospective tenants.

Join us to learn more about these difficult questions.

Register here to attend.


When NZPIF members and Associate members make purchases at Bunnings stores, these are recorded against the total of NZPIF expenditure throughout the country.  This recording takes place when the transaction is made at a staffed check out.  Using the express lane, when there is one in a Bunnings store, does not result in those purchases being reccorded against the NZPIF total.

Help us to ensure NZPIF has a larger rebate to share with Associations by only using staffed checkouts




Which is the best debt serviceability restriction (DSR)?

The Reserve Bank is seeking feedback on the merits and potential design of two types of Debt Serviceability Restrictions (DSRs): restrictions on debt-to-income (DTI) ratios – which impose a cap on debt as a multiple of income; and a floor on the test interest rates used by banks in their serviceability assessments which test the ability of borrowers to continue repaying their loans if interest rates rise to a certain level.

Feedback is invited from interested parties until 5:00pm on 28 February 2022. More information here  Have your say.



Prepare for the Great NZ Property Survey - December 2021

The NZPIF Executive Committee has agreed that NZPIF will participate in this survey in conjunction with the NZ Property Investor (Opes Media), Opes Partners and an as yet unnamed sponsor.  It will take place in early December and currently the NZPIF Executive Officer, Sharon Cullwick, is assisting with the writing of the questions.  Once ready, it will be sent to you by NZPIF.  Opes Media and Opes Partners will send it to other property investor databases.

Watch this space!