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The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 20 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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John Chow

John Chow

The Self-Made Entrepreneur

John is an entrepreneur and visionary, with an eye for strategic planning. His self-admitted hunger for success and will to win, has resulted in building a successful property and business portfolio from humble beginnings running a Chinese takeaway.

John’s transition from small business owner to becoming a corporate entity and rich-lister has taken effort, a clear understanding of where he wants to go and the fearlessness to predict and react to market changes before they happen.

John formed the Stonewood Group with his brother Michael in 1999 which today includes interests in home group builder, commercial property, hotels and lodging, investment, health and fitness, serviced offices, entertainment, food and beverage. Day to day, John takes the lead on Stonewood Group.


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