New Zealand Property Investors' Federation

The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 17 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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NZPIF Executive


From left to right Shirley Berryman, Tim Horsbrugh, Peter Lewis, Daryl Fisher, Sue Harrison, Peter Ambrose, Kerry Beveridge. Amanda Watt and Clayton Sievwright.


Sue Harrison
  • NZPIF President

Sue has been a member of CPIA for 20 years. She has been a Director of Christchurch Holiday Homes since 2012 and investor since 1995. Christchurch Holiday Homes channel manages over 35 homes over advertising platforms including Airbnb, Expedia and and also manages furnished rentals.   


Peter Lewis

  • Vice President, and Northern Area Representative

Peter was elected to the NZPIF Executive Committee at the AGM in October 2015.  He began investing in residential property in 1991 and has been steadily increasing his portfolio ever since.  In 2011 he joined APIA and was elected on to the Board in 2013, becoming Vice President in 2014.

As a full-time Landlord he promotes the concept that providing residential rental accommodation is a business and therefore directly manages his own properties. In order to carry this out in an efficient manner, he uses a range of excellent systems.  Through his involvement with APIA he actively supports other landlords in their efforts to make progress as well.

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Amanda Watt

  • Treasurer

Amanda is a Chartered Accountant in Auckland. She is an active member of Auckland PIA and their Executive.

She has been a property investor seriously since 2000 and loves property investment! Amanda and her husband mainly have residential properties and one commercial property in Auckland.


Shirley Berryman
  • Secretary

Shirley and her husband Kent have invested in property since the mid-1990s. They have developed several properties in Rolleston themselves, and enjoy having less maintenance with newer properties.

Shirley and Kent work alongside each other to self manage most of their property portfolio.  They both enjoy spending time with their grandchildren and appreciate the flexibility that property investment has provided.  They recognise that at this stage of their lives careful decisions need to be made with their portfolio in order to support a retirement lifestyle on their own terms.




Peter Ambrose

  • Central Area Representative

Peter Ambrose is a full time property Investor, property coach and finder. After leaving the corporate world in 2014, Peter continued to grow his "Buy and Hold" portfolio. Peter specialises in adding value to increase return and equity. Peter has applied many strategies over the last two full property cycles, including Lease Options and Joint venture. Peter is President of the Wellington PIA and has been voted on to the NZPIF Executive Committee in 2023. Peter believes in strong governance and great communication and is a member of NZ Institute of Directors.



Tim Horsbrugh

  • Central Area Representative

Tim and his wife Katherine have been investing in residential property since 2000 with a buy and hold portfolio in the wider Wellington region. Tim works as a Key Account Business Manager in the animal health industry, and is the current President of the Wairarapa PIA, having held this position for the last 5 years.



Daryl Fisher

  • Northern Area Representative

Daryl Fisher and his wife Laurel have been building their residential rental property portfolio since 1995. After spending 4 years studying the property market and what makes it tick, Daryl developed his own basic formula and really increased the number of properties they have purchased. This formula kept them well protected particularly through the global financial crises and the perils of the Labour Government. Through this time, Daryl was both a regional representative and President of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation for 5 years.

Daryl has been working with many seasoned property investors for over 25 years and has put a lot of this knowledge and experience into seminars all over New Zealand. Daryl is a well-respected professional property investor who keeps his knowledge current by being in the market place every day, and is currently a life member of the Waikato Property Investors Assoc.



Kerry Beveridge

  • Southern Area representative

Kerry is the President of South Canterbury PIA and won the 2017 Landlord of the Year. He started investing in 2007 and his portfolio consists of five family homes, 2 blocks of flats and a boarding house with 16 tenancies (formerly the Timaru Hotel). Kerry is passionate about property and in providing accommodation to his many tenants. 

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Clayton Sievwright

  • Southern Area Representative