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The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 17 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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(Please note that Landlord of the Year was renamed RentSkills Supreme Award in 2023) 

2008 – Andrea and Andrew Elliott

Andrea and Andrew Elliott of Dunedin are winners of Landlord of the Year 2008, the first year the NZ Property Investors' Federation and Department of Building and Housing have offered the award.

The Elliotts have a portfolio of properties in both Dunedin and Invercargill. .  Four years before winning the Award they realised that they needed to make the transition from hobby to profitable business in order to grow their rental portfolio.  They began to up-skill themselves and develop a comprehensive home office and file system.  Operating very much as a team, they have made that necessary transition. Andrew manages the finances and legal aspects and Andrea manages the tenant side of the business.

Runners Up, Lorna and Jeff Goodin purchased their first rental property together in 2002 and joined Waikato Property Investors' Association soon after. Megan and Kevin McCarthy, equal Runners Up, have been landlords since the early 1990s and are members of Auckland Property Investors' Association


2009 - Debbie van den Broek

The 2009 winner was Debbie Van Den Broek of Rotorua Property Investors' Association. Debbie Van Den Broek has been in the business of being a property investor and landlord for the past twenty years. She and husband Ed own rental and holiday accommodation in the Rotorua area. These properties have provided a passive income, allowing Debbie free time to spend with her family. Debbie believes in providing a spotless, warm home for people who cannot afford or choose not to own their home.  She invests long term and offers people an opportunity to have continuity in their living.  She employs a gardener who maintains the gardens and the edges and tenants do their own lawns.  This ensures that the properties always look well cared for.  She has also decided to allow people to own pets as rentals in which animals are welcome are hard to find.  The properties are fenced making them safe for both children and dogs.

Runners Up were Robita and Chris Johnston, members of Tauranga Property Investors' Association and Jan and Lyle Galloway of Auckland Property Investors' Association.


2010 – Nancy Caiger

Nancy Caiger of the Waikato Property Investors Association was named Landlord of the Year, at the Gala Dinner of the NZ Property Investors Conference in Marlborough on Saturday.  The runner up was Bruce and Bernadette Wallis of Taranaki.

Nancy Caiger is a long term buy and hold investor whose philosophy is to deliver a good product and great service to her tenants. Nancy encourages tenants to treat the house as their home. Her portfolio includes older houses as well as new houses.

With new building projects Nancy finds tenants off the plans and then involves them in the building process allowing them a large say in choice of cladding and colors, interior colors and kitchen design.


2011 – No Award made



2012 – Dave and Stef Wade

 Dave and Stef are members of the Otago Property Investors' Association and have been   investors since 2007. They typically invest in properties that need ‘some love' and often find   properties where landlords have not spent the money or time on maintenance and havedeferred   work.  Their target market is students which requires the properties to be in the vicinity of the   University/Polytechnic campuses. They like young people and have always made an effort to get   to know their tenants.  Their point of difference therefore is that they have frequent contact with   their tenants and build rapport with them. They feel that tenants are more likely to be honest with   them when something goes wrong in their properties.  They also make themselves available and   easily contactable whenever necessary.

Dave and Stef know that much of their success is a direct result of the education they have received from the OPIA.  They believe they are on the right track but are always open to improving their systems and continuing with a positive attitude towards learning from others and helping others where needed.


2013 – Pauline Beissel

Pauline's property investment career has spanned 30 years.  She has a passion for property and people. With her husband Craig, she has worked on many different styles of houses from a 1910 villa through to new homes.  They have worked extremely hard over the years doing the majority of the work themselves.  Their methodology is that they will purchase in any town or city as long as the property is in a top location and can be improved generating increased capital value.  The properties have been standalone dwellings and being in top locations can be easily sold if the need arises.  Pauline and Craig receive maximum rents but ensure that each property is good value for the tenant. They have never bought blocks of flats or been involved in commercial or development projects. It has been strictly residential investing and long holds.

 The properties are always clean and inviting and Pauline has comprehensive systems relating to selecting tenants and settling them into each property.  She keeps in touch and ensures tenants know she is available 24/7.

Pauline is the President of the Manawatu Property Investors' Association and has been on the Executive for some years.


2014 - Lyn Marshall

This year the Award was won by Lyn Marshall of Nelson.  Runners up were Neil and Margaret Brimblecombe of Hamilton.

"The judging panel found that Lyn Marshall had an outstanding care and community orientation to her business," said Troy Churton, MBIE, convenor of the judging panel. "She had excellent references from some of her tenants who all valued her attention to their needs and the condition of the properties."

Lyn is a member of the Nelson Property Investors Association and Neil and Margaret are members of Waikato Property Investors Association. 


2015 - Angela Strang

 Angela is a member of Southland Property Investors' Association and has recently been elected   Vice President.  Not afraid of doing the hard work to build up capital to achieve her dream, she is   now building up a significant portfolio of investment properties. She treats her tenants as   important customers, engaging them in her impressive strategy for maintenance and   improvements.  Her inspection template is very comprehensive and relevant to her properties.





2016 - Kathryn Seque

Kathryn is a member of the Otago Property Investors' Assocation.  She was judged by the panel to be proactive and innovative about the many changes landlords are faced with at present, such as insulation, and has excellent tenant references. Kathryn is a full time landlord, managing four of her own properties and other properties for family members.  She is the sole contact for all the properties, doing the day to day management and all the paperwork associated with rentals.  She has come up with many ways to efficiently and effectively manage the large volume of properties while still maintaining a high standard of rental stock and ensuring great tenant/landlord relationships.




2017 - Kerry Beveridge

Kerry started investing in 2007 and his portfolio consists of five family homes, two blocks of flats and a boarding house with 16 tenancies (formerly the Timaru Hotel).  He buys properties which need a lot of work but brings them up to the standard in which he would be happy to live.

Managing the boarding house is a slightly different experience to managing other tenancies. Behaviour and complaints are handled by Kerry in a fair and respectful manner and tenants feel comfortable talking to him.




2018 - Leilani Driessen

Leilani is a member of the Hawke's Bay Property Investors' Association. She and her husband own a number of rentals in Hastings. She juggles raising her three young children alongside managing their properties. Leilani says that as a landlord, her aim is always to build a positive partnership with tenants. She believes that each has a duty to each other – it's their property but the tenants' home.





2019 - Kristy and Richard Kelly

 Kristy and Richard are members of Taranaki PIA. This Award is sponsored by MBIE and was   presented by Jennifer Sykes from MBIE at the Gala Dinner of the 2019 Conference. The three   judges were unanimous in their decision and said Kristy and Richard have an enthusiastic and   positive approach to excellence in land lording as well as good business systems.   Responsiveness to the needs of their tenants was very evident and IT is used to achieve   excellent communication with them.





2020  Not Awarded due cancellation of the 2020 NZPIF Conference 



2021 Fiona Baker



 Fiona is a member of the HBPIA and demonstrated an appreciation of how NZPIF and her   Association can support private landlords.  She had undertaken the NZPIF education program   for self-managing landlords and has good ongoing positive relationships with tenants. Fiona   showed evidence of longer term planning with strategically managing the investment property   portfolio.



2022 - Natasha Middleton
 Natasha manages a sizeable portfolio and the fact that she goes the extra mile for  tenants   was a very strong point.  She goes above and beyond forher tenants.  She has relationships with agencies such as Emerge Aotearoa, Link people and Emergency housing providers. Natasha is committed to the NZPIF organisation and encourages others to participae and learn from each other.  She is currently President of Waikato Property Investors Association.







2023 - Nicki Smith


Nicki became an "accidental landlord" in 2015 and built up a portfolio from there, doing the management and upgrading the properties. She joined the Taranaki PIA and learned from the speakers and other members. Now regarded as very professional, she wants to inspire other new owners of rental properties


(Please note that Landlord of the Year was renamed RentSkills Supreme Award in 2023)