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The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 17 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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The items in the Members Only section are:

Purchasing smoke alarms

These can be purchased by members after login by going to the heading Smoke Alarms under the Menu item Resources.

Guthrie Bowron Discounts to holders of NZPIF cards.

Once you have logged in you can see the name Guthrie Bowron under Resources on the right.  Click on this name and see the discounts being offered at all Guthrie Bowron stores

Noel Leeming Commercial Team Directory

This is the list of Commercial Business Managers and Commercial Specialists who can assist you to start a trade account so that you can gain access to trade pricing for bulk purchases at Noel Leeming.

Media Workshop - Communications Meeting June 2015

In June Pete Burdon of Media Training NZ ran two hour long workshops. As a former reporter for a daily newspaper and a high-profile former government press secretary, Pete has had the luxury of having been on both sides of the ‘media fence'. Consequently there are very few who are more qualified and more aware of just what it takes to communicate effectively with the media, and give them what they want – yet in a way where you still get your messages across. Pete has two Masters Degrees (Journalism and Communication Management), lives in Christchurch and works across New Zealand. 

The first video contains ideas for making sure your media release is published by local media.  The second video outlines how to prepare for a media interview.

Landlord seminars - how to market and run - developed from a discussion at the Communications Meeting March 2015.

During this Communications Meeting, a short workshop on attracting new members was conducted.  It was agreed that offering Landlord Seminars was a good way to attract nonmember landlords.  Notes from this workshop and from Tauranga PIA are included in this outline.

Meeting procedures for PIAs

A very popular session during the June 2014 Communications Meeting was Colin Comber's presentation on Meeting Procedures for the Executive Committees of Property Investors' Associations.  The key points are outlined in this video.