New Zealand Property Investors' Federation

The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 17 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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What do you value the most?

Your house – NZPIF has an awesome facility for insuring your residential investments!!

Go here if you would like to find out more about insuring your residential properties

But what about your health?

Isn't that actuaually just as important as bricks and mortar?

You might feel healthy or consider relying on the public Health system is adequate and to be fair different regions at different times under different governments perform better or worse than others.

Three important reasons to consider health insurance

1. Emergency procedures tend to be catered for very well in NZ but it's the elective surgeries that go onto the waiting lists – Cancer removal hysterectomy, Hip & Knee replacements, heart surgery, diagnostic services, MRI scans, CT Scans, laparoscopy etc.

2. How long do you go on a waiting list for with the pressures that the DHB's are all under. What happens if the condition isn't treated fast while you're on the waiting list?

3,What do you do if you're recommended medication that isn't supported by PHARMAC? With Private Medical Insurance also – you can have a bit more input into who you choose to provide the service.

There are numerous plans available and various strategies available to contain the costs, but medical insurance can also be very complicated and it is an easy type of insurance to have big gaps in your cover, when you just assumed you were covered for everything,….

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