New Zealand Property Investors' Federation

The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 20 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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NZPIF is producing videos from time to time

Video one.

This is an update from Sharon Cullwick, NZPIF Executive Officer, and Andrew King. NZPIF President.  It was recorded on May 22nd 2020 


Video two.

This video on the basics of property investment features Ross Barnett of Waikato Property Investors' Association.



Video Three

In this video, Tony Mounce talks about mortgages, interest rates and insurance. Use this link to view the video.


Video Four

The next step.  Ross Barmett talks about adding value and getting ahead. Use this link to view the video.



Video Five

Changes to the RTA and other regulations are becoming very complex.  Use this link to hear Sharon Cullwick explain the changes


Video Six

Heathly Homes.  Raymond Suen, Senior Engagement Advisor MBIE, an Elzeth Grant-Fargie, Senior Policyh Advisor Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, present on the Healthy Homes regulartions.  Go here to hear the recording.