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Archive: June 2008


The RTA Bill is on Parliament’s agenda for its first reading. The Bill is to be referred to the Social Service Select Committee for consideration.
30-06-2008 more >>

NZPIF President's June Report

RTA Amendments tabled in Parliament. Annual Communications Meeting held. New National Sponsor - Generation Developments. 08/09 Agreement with DBH - New Landlord Seminars
27-06-2008 more >>

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Sections and apartments are often talked about as the most vulnerable part of the property market. In the June ANZ Property Focus, tables have been updated showing which regions have the most exposure to sections and apartments, relative to other types of sales
27-06-2008 more >>

Slow trickle

Rate changes have slowed to a trickle over the past week as the mortgage market settled following the latest cut in funding costs.
27-06-2008 more >>

Drop-off in rental prices a surprise, says market expert.

The median rent has slipped $5 a week to $295, according to a quarterly report on the residential rental market.
24-06-2008 more >>

Good home loan news mixed with caution

More of the same is probably the best way to sum up developments in the home loan market over the past week.
20-06-2008 more >>

The boom has turned to bust

The property downturn is not a blip and Auckland's top suburbs are suffering, with the desirable suburbs of Kohimarama, Greenlane, Westmere, Point Chevalier and Epsom declining more than any other.
15-06-2008 more >>

Building wealth: New view of a familiar slump

There is not too much that is good about getting older, says Martin Hawes. The only silver lining he can find on an age cloud is you have experience - you are able to look at things with experience and recognize that you have seen similar situations before.
15-06-2008 more >>

Mexican stand off in housing market

A Mexican stand-off between house buyers and sellers continues, according to some interpretations of the latest real estate prices.
13-06-2008 more >>

Flurry of rates

After months of little movement in home loan rates there has recently been a flurry of conflicting movements, making it a difficult time for people wanting to refinance or take out a new loan.
06-06-2008 more >>

House prices may fall 13 per cent - Bollard

While mortgage interest rates may be coming down soon, house prices are also heading south, says Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard.
05-06-2008 more >>

Global house prices suffer severe slump

From Dublin to Tokyo, house prices have slumped in the past year as the credit crunch has restricted lending and stunted growth in the biggest economies, new figures have shown.
03-06-2008 more >>

Softer tone expected from Reserve Bank

Dene McKenzie reports that the Reserve Bank is expected to adopt a softer tone in its monetary policy statement on Thursday in recognition the economic outlook has deteriorated sharply.
03-06-2008 more >>

June '08 Issue

We talk to inspirational property investor, Laurence Pope. This young man is fast becoming world famous in Paeroa for his redevelopment of a run-down street, locally known as ‘Harlem’. At just 24 years of age, Pope has big plans for his 16 ex-state houses.
01-06-2008 more >>

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