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Newland: Give first-time buyers GST break

Property investment guru Olly Newland says radical thinking is needed to solve New Zealand’s housing affordability problem.
23-07-2012 more >>

Housing ‘crisis’ but new boom unlikely

New Zealand’s housing shortage has become a crisis but a number of factors are working against massive price increases, says BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander.
20-07-2012 more >>

Cheaper to rent than buy: Economist

New Zealand Institute of Economic Research economist Shamubeel Eaqub says his friends don't listen to him when he tells them not to buy houses.
20-07-2012 more >>

'Careful balance' for property market

ANZ says the New Zealand property market is finely balanced, although there are still more factors putting upwards pressure on house prices than likely to push prices down.
20-07-2012 more >>

Credit card technology to help property managers

New technology that allows credit card payments to be made via smartphone may help property managers keep on top of rent arrears.
19-07-2012 more >>

Housing boom turns construction boon

Low interest rates aren’t just helping property prices – they are lining the pockets of the country’s plumbers, builders and electricians, according to the ANZ Business Microscope survey of small businesses.
19-07-2012 more >>

Politicians wade into supplement debate

Debate over the Government’s accommodation supplement is heating up. Labour’s housing spokeswoman Annette King says the supplement artificially props up rents and has suggested the money - which she terms a $1.2 billion subsidy for landlords – could be better spent building more houses.
18-07-2012 more >>

Focus on supplement misses the point

Politicians claiming the accommodation supplement is lining the pockets of landlords seem to have forgotten one key point: There is a massive property shortage in New Zealand, and in Auckland in particular.
18-07-2012 more >>

Lack of housing inflation tipped to keep OCR low

Westpac’s economists say low rates of housing-related inflation in the June quarter of this year are likely to keep the official cash rate low for the foreseeable future.
18-07-2012 more >>

Property guru does US u-turn

"THEY ARE snake oil, complete with white shoes and wagons :-)". That's what self-styled New Zealand property guru Dean Letfus wrote in March last year on, when describing the US tax lien investments being promoted by rival Phil Jones.
18-07-2012 more >>

Unit title act changes cause confusion

Changes to the Unit Titles Act haven’t had the consequences that were expected, says Denise Marsden, partner at legal firm Alexander Dorrington.
17-07-2012 more >>

Watch out for unlicensed workers: Board

Property investors who hire unlicensed practitioners to carry out renovation work on their properties could be putting themselves in danger.
17-07-2012 more >>

Association backs call for strengthening help

Government help for commercial property owners needing to do earthquake-strengthening work should be taxation-based, says Auckland Property Investors Association president David Whitburn.
16-07-2012 more >>

Co-operative development plan for Christchurch

Some of the 8000 Christchurch homeowners forced out of their houses by last year’s earthquake could save themselves $50,000 each on the cost of a section if they pooled their resources, says Geoff Butcher, of Co-Operative Sections.
13-07-2012 more >>

Steve Goodey wins $396,000 judgement against Phil Jones

Property seminar provider Steve Goodey has won a $396,000 High Court judgement against fellow property guru Phil Jones of Richmastery fame but he may have difficulty collecting.
13-07-2012 more >>

Leaky buildings destroying wealth: Whitburn

Disclosure rules for people selling properties with defective cladding are not tight enough, says Auckland Property Investors Association president David Whitburn.
12-07-2012 more >>

Real estate agents say it's a sellers' market: BNZ survey

More potential house buyers are attending open homes and real estate agents rate it a sellers' market, according to the Bank of New Zealand's latest survey of more than 10,000 agents.
12-07-2012 more >>

Steps taken to speed up Tribunal process: Heatley

Landlords’ concerns about the timeliness of the formal tenancy dispute resolution process through the Department of Building and Housing and the Tenancy Tribunal are being heard, Housing Minister Phil Heatley says.
11-07-2012 more >>

House prices to rise further but only til mortgage rates rise: Westpac

House prices are likely to rise further all year but the strength will only last until mortgage rates start rising, according to Westpac chief economist Dominick Stephens.
11-07-2012 more >>

Housing advice for Cantabrians

A service set up to solve Christchurch’s housing shortage has a growing list of would-be tenants, its organiser says.
10-07-2012 more >>

National house prices up 4.2% on a year ago: QV

National house prices rose 4.2% over the past year with values rising in all major centres, according to Quotable Value.
10-07-2012 more >>

Housing market buzzing but not quite on fire

The housing market is buzzing, if not quite on fire. But it's the Auckland and quake-affected Christchurch markets which are to blame while markets in the rest of the country remain subdued.
10-07-2012 more >>

Christchurch owners go to court over leases

Hundreds of commercial landlords and their tenants in Christchurch have been forced to reach for their dictionaries since the city’s earthquakes.
09-07-2012 more >>

Invercargill property returns 54%

Invercargill’s real estate sector has been sent a shockwave by a house generating a rental yield of 54%.
06-07-2012 more >>

Heat on in Christchurch rental market: Trade Me

Christchurch’s rental market is soaring ahead of the rest of the country, according to Trade Me Property’s analysis for the April to June quarter.
06-07-2012 more >>

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