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Archive: June 2013

NZPIF Discount Offers

The NZPIF has negotiated further discount deals with an Insulation supplier and a heatpump supplier.
28-06-2013 more >>

Concern at rental loan scheme

Tenants who do not have the money to pay their bonds are likely to be strapped for cash and not very good at paying their rent either, says the president of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation.
28-06-2013 more >>

New Tribunal forms can be filed online

New Tenancy Tribunal application forms for landlords and tenants will be launched at the start of August. The forms will be able to be filed online.
28-06-2013 more >>

Squeeze on returns as rents stable

House prices may be soaring but rents don’t seem to be going anywhere fast in the country’s biggest city.
27-06-2013 more >>

Many agents not earning 'living wage'

Wellington real estate agents were the best paid in the country last year, according to Properazzi’s Alistair Helm.
26-06-2013 more >>

Supply shortage could increase

Migration to New Zealand is providing more fuel to the property market. Both Auckland and Christchurch are struggling under housing supply shortages.
24-06-2013 more >>

Investors told: Be careful

Interest rates will eventually have to rise a lot more than people are thinking because loan-to-value restrictions will not have the expected consequences, BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander says.
21-06-2013 more >>

Reality check urged for first-time buyers

Low Auckland rents are creating a generation of home buyers with unrealistic expectations, Auckland Property Investors Association administrator Sarina Yang says.
20-06-2013 more >>

'Price rises have a while to go yet'

House prices are likely to rise for the next three years, says BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander.
18-06-2013 more >>

Survey shows new listings aren't keeping up

Supply shortages are likely to only get worse, according to the latest BNZ/REINZ survey.
17-06-2013 more >>

Harcourts stats highlight listings decline

The number of properties available for sale in Auckland and Christchurch is down 16.7% and 21.7% respectively on the same time last year, Harcourts says in its latest MarketWatch report.
17-06-2013 more >>

House price solutions 'will be ignored'

BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander has proposed some radical solutions to the housing affordability problems but says the likelihood of them being implemented is not strong.
14-06-2013 more >>

Slight interest rate rise forecast

The Reserve Bank holds rates, worries about house prices and the exchange rate and still considers its new tools.
13-06-2013 more >>

More record prices recorded

The number of houses sold in May was 7.5% up on the same time last year but sellers are still not being tempted into the market in numbers great enough to ease the supply shortages, the latest Real Estate Institute figures show.
12-06-2013 more >>

Concerns for units' maintenance plans

Apartment purchasers are being caught out by legislation that requires developments to have a maintenance plan - but not the money needed to implement it.
11-06-2013 more >>

Sprawl not an issue for NZ: Report

New Zealanders’ fear of urban sprawl is misplaced, says a new report into New Zealand’s lack of housing affordability.
10-06-2013 more >>

Auckland buyers getting desperate: QV

Property values will continue to rise over the coming months, Quotable Value predicts, and Auckland's hot market may be prompting some buyers to make hasty decisions.
10-06-2013 more >>

Higher borrowing costs coming

Interest-rate rises are looming, with some pundits picking floating rates to be at 7 per cent by the end of next year.
07-06-2013 more >>

Rebalancing period over: Barfoot

Auckland house prices were steady through May, Barfoot and Thompson says. The city’s biggest real estate agency reported that the average sales price in the month was $644,737, an increase of less than $2000 on the April price and $1500 below March’s record. The median sales price was $570,000, $4000 up on April and $10,000 down on March.
06-06-2013 more >>

Rate of construction leaps

Building work increased by its biggest margin in 10 years in the March quarter, data from Statistics NZ shows. Residential construction activity increased 12% in the quarter.
05-06-2013 more >>

LVR restrictions 'days away'

Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler is so worried about what a house price correction could do to the stability of the banking system that loan-to-value restrictions may be only days away, BNZ says.
04-06-2013 more >>

Supply and demand gap widens

Buyers are as keen as ever to purchase properties, the latest report says, but there still aren’t enough listings available to satisfy demand. And that is pushing asking prices to record highs.
03-06-2013 more >>

KiwiSaver boosting property prices

Government funds may be fuelling the increase in house prices, via the country’s KiwiSaver accounts. BNZ’s head of research said New Zealanders using their KiwiSaver accounts to purchase a first home were a concern.
03-06-2013 more >>

June '13 President's Report

Latest market statistics from the REINZ show that while median house prices have increased over the last year, 90% of the increase came from Auckland and Canterbury, with most of the increase coming from Auckland. These two areas accounted for just over half of all property sales in New Zealand.
01-06-2013 more >>

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