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Archive: June 2015

Home owners can pay property tax as well

An issues paper on the Bright-line test for sales of residential property, released yesterday confirms that some homeowners will have a Bright Line test applied against them.
30-06-2015 more >>

How to stop a second card from being issued

When you are entering payments do you know how to stop 2 cards from being issued when you only need 1?
27-06-2015 more >>

Sending Invoices from PIMMS

We're proud to have extended the email and newsletter system to allow you to send Invoices to members using PIMMS.
26-06-2015 more >>

How to use Newsletters and Emails

How to use Newsletters and Emails. The place to go to learn how to use the Emails system to send newsletters and emails.
25-06-2015 more >>


Are you using Grammarly and planning to send emails from PIMMS or edit the website? It might be an idea to disable Grammarly for PIMMS.
24-06-2015 more >>

What is a Tidbit

Tidbits are tiny help files to let you know what is new in PIMMS or tips on how to use it well.
24-06-2015 more >>

Insurance advice after severe flooding and weathr damage

As the clean-up begins after severe flooding and weather damage, the advice from the Insurance & Savings Ombudsman, Karen Stevens, is to contact your insurance company and take photos of the damage before you start your clean up.
22-06-2015 more >>

Minimum standards for rentals are coming

How will agreement be reached as to what these standards should be?
19-06-2015 more >>

Calls for removing mortgage tax deductibility

Rental property owners have continued to be the focus of all attempts to reduce house prices in Auckland. Some commentators have said we need to make it even harder for investors in order to stop house price rises and give first home buyers a chance. Rental property owners have continued to be the focus of all attempts to reduce house prices in Auckland. Some commentators have said we need to make it even harder for investors in order to stop house price rises and give first home buyers a chance. Tax deductibility of expenses is the latest issue that has been raised.
19-06-2015 more >>

Political report for May/ June 2015

The following is a summary of the political or regulatory news or comment affecting the residential property market
18-06-2015 more >>

Have you seen the new Tenancy Services website?

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment launched its Tenancy Services website on 22 April 2015. It is user friendly, helping tenants and landlords find out information they need related to tenancy services. This website replaces the tenancy and unit title information previously held on the website. For more information go to
17-06-2015 more >>

NZPIF in the news in May and June

Capital gains tax, a warrant of fitness for rental housing, the advantages of renting – these were some of the issues which were debated in the media over the last month
15-06-2015 more >>

Property tax aimed at speculators

Our industry has been hit with a double punch over the last week. The Reserve Banks increasing LVR limits for Auckland rental property owners to 30% (don't laugh too hard in the provinces, you may be next) and the Government bringing in an effective Capital Gains Tax called a Bright Line Test.
13-06-2015 more >>

Reserve Bank reduces Official Cash Rate to 3.25 percent

Statement by Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler:
11-06-2015 more >>

Landlords take the initiative

“The NZ Property Investors’ Federation (NZPIF) has already acted to ensure that smoke alarms are readily available for members to install in their rentals. There is a special purchasing scheme for these alarms on the NZPIF website, “said Andrew King Executive Officer of the NZPIF.
09-06-2015 more >>

Study to help improve NZ's housing for children

Wellington-based researcher Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman has just received a $5 million programme grant from the Health Research Council of New Zealand (HRC) to help improve New Zealand’s housing stock – particularly rental properties – for the sake of our children’s health.
08-06-2015 more >>

Four different views on renting

On RadioNZ on Sunday 7 June Wallace Chapman’s show hosted four different viewpoints on renting .Those interviewed were Jane a Wellington renter, Shamubeel Eaqub NZIER economist, Kayla from an advocacy group for renters and Andrew King Executive Officer of the NZPIF
07-06-2015 more >>

What would have saved Emma-Lita?

Our members, like many other people, would like to make sure that children such as Emma-Lita, who died in August last year, do not suffer as a result of their living conditions” said Andrew King, Executive Officer of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation (NZPIF)
04-06-2015 more >>

Submissions called for on Fire Services review

Proposals to improve support for volunteer, paid and rural firefighters and to ensure fire services meet community expectations are open for public feedback.
02-06-2015 more >>

What should the Fire Service look like in the future and how should it be funded?

Participate in the current review of the Fire Service before July 10
01-06-2015 more >>

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