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The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 17 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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Processing Registrations

When you do a match on a registration that includes membership PIMMS will now create the payment and set up the cards. You'll be advised and given the opportunity to review the cards.
20-07-2015 more >>

Allow Local Admins to be emailed via PIMMS

At the moment under Pick Recipients we can't select the recipient based on the type of user they are in PIMMS but it would be helpful to.
17-07-2015 more >>

Minimum standards for rental properties

The Government has now introduced the expected Minimum Standards for Rental Properties legislative proposal.
15-07-2015 more >>

Updating the Sponsors on your website

By default everyone displays the NZPIF sponsors on their websites. If you want to change that - it's simple.
12-07-2015 more >>

Allow Local Admins to delete payments

Where payments have been entered incorrectly and the cards have not been issued Local Admins should be able to delete them.
08-07-2015 more >>

Review Registrations and how they link to memberships

When the member renews their membership the cards are not being created correctly. Check that the registration shows on the members view page.
06-07-2015 more >>

Pay now button at top of Event Registration Confirm page

Users often don't scroll down the page to see that they need to go through and pay and therefore don't complete their registration
03-07-2015 more >>

How to stop a second card from being issued

When you are entering payments do you know how to stop 2 cards from being issued when you only need 1?
27-06-2015 more >>

Sending Invoices from PIMMS

We're proud to have extended the email and newsletter system to allow you to send Invoices to members using PIMMS.
26-06-2015 more >>

How to use Newsletters and Emails

How to use Newsletters and Emails. The place to go to learn how to use the Emails system to send newsletters and emails.
25-06-2015 more >>


Are you using Grammarly and planning to send emails from PIMMS or edit the website? It might be an idea to disable Grammarly for PIMMS.
24-06-2015 more >>

What is a Tidbit

Tidbits are tiny help files to let you know what is new in PIMMS or tips on how to use it well.
24-06-2015 more >>

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