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QV Insider– the investor's edge

'QVAt an exclusive NZPIF member only price.

In property investment, to be informed means to be in front.

Having the edge makes all the difference. QV Insider ( has just been launched and this is an invaluable tool for the serious investor. 

The benefit of QV Insider is that it is a site dedicated to helping you plan, manage and make the most of your property portfolio. Now, you’ll always be up to date on your rents and house sales. When an area appreciates, you’ll have the edge.

Members of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation will receive 12 months membership for the price of 6 months ($330 incl. GST).  That's six months free.

“We saw unfulfilled demand in the property investor community to access reliable data for a more analytical, financial approach to property, particularly now viable rental yields are difficult to find.” says QV spokesperson Julian Grainger. “The property market is getting harder but QV Insider will highlight where the opportunities still exist”.

QV Insider provides rental statistics derived from the bonds lodged at the Department of Building and Housing as well as sales medians for QV’s own database collected from councils around New Zealand. They combine these statistics to derive gross rental yields. This helps you drill into areas, or individual properties and validate information you have received on what type of rent to expect and what price to pay.

You can then add your own relevant information to properties to calculate the data that will become the basis of your investment decisions. You can also load your existing portfolio and receive estimated market values; probable capital gain since purchase and compare rents to the area median.

You can now use QV Insider to investigate suburbs that match your target criteria for yield, rent and sales values. Create a watch list of properties and compare returns to find the best investments.

The service is supported by tailored investor services from QV Valuations. In two clicks you can send multiple quote requests for specialist investor services like chattel/depreciation schedules and rental assessments to over 20 locations around New Zealand. This is a quick, convenient and unique offer from a Valuation service whose skills and experience is accepted by the majority of lenders, insurance companies and accountants.

If you wish to sign up to the exclusive NZPIF member rate, sign up for the year and then send an email to with your membership number and he will refund you the difference to your credit card as soon as your NZPIF membership has been confirmed. Members have a month from signing up to QV Insider to claim the discount.

About QV

Quotable Value ('QV') is a commercial State Owned Enterprise, which assumed the commercial functions of the Valuation Department ('VNZ') in July 1998. Its commercial purpose is to deliver valuation services to local authorities, central government and private enterprise.

QV Insider questions and answers:
The following information is provided as background to QV Insider. 

  1. How does QV compile and calculate the statistics?
    Residential sales are compiled by QV for the previous 6 months and are compared to the same period of the previous year to identify the annual percentage change between the medians in residential property values. The residential sales included are for residential houses, apartments, flats, home and income properties, and houses converted to flats.  The Department of Building and Housing collects bonds and compiles statistics from tenancy forms of privately held rental housing. QV is provided statistics aggregated to statistical matching units for QV Insider. The combination of these allows us to calculate Gross Yield information.
  2. How do customers access QV Insider?
    QV Insider is a subscription service. Customers should sign up at with payment in advance by credit card. Valuation services are quoted separately, according to the needs of the customer. Customers are able to order valuation services who are not members by phoning their nearest valuation office available on QV’s website.
  3. Is this just for experienced investors?
    QV Insider is primarily an information tool for any property investor. You do not need to be an expert to use it and the information is applicable for anyone looking to make a sound decision.