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The Good News Road Show is steaming ahead

As one of New Zealand’s best known property traders, Dean Letfus needs little introduction and, when he takes the podium in Rotorua on Labour Weekend (October 25th, 26th  2008), he will be fresh from a whirlwind tour of the country with the The Good News Road Show.
Dean created The Good News Road Show as a direct response to what he terms as “all the nonsense in the media by a lot of the so called experts and commentators who were being negative - in many cases without any factual basis.”
“I wanted to remind people of the fundamentals. Property is still the best investment. It’s better than cash, better than shares, better foreign exchange and better than business!”

Dean saw the discouragement the doomsayers wrought on many of his clients, colleagues and peers and decided to run a free event around the country.

“The more you listen to this stuff the more it de-motivates you and kills your ability to see the opportunities.  More and more of my friends and peers seem to be getting onboard the overloaded train to nowhere!!”

“The current market,” he enthuses “offers us huge opportunities both here in NZ and off shore”.

According to Dean offshore investment is the “high speed good news train” and everybody is welcome to climb aboard. 

“It is an excellent strategy to use to overcome a flat market.” Dean advises against thinking parochially about the way you approach investment.

“Keep investing in growing markets” he says. “Look for countries that offer relative affordability, are stable politically and have a NZ friendly tax system”.
Dean has enjoyed phenomenal success by doing just this. In Australia he has optioned over 18 million dollars worth of property last November alone and a conservative trading profit figure on these options is 30%, or over 5 million dollars in the next 36 months. All with an initial holding cost of $14,000.
Among other things, Dean will be showing attendees at Steaming Ahead, The NZPIF Conference 2008 how to utilise different instruments and options to their advantage.
Dean will also share why he is investing in Australia and exactly why it is an absolute goldmine right now.
Fiji is also an offshore location in which Dean has been successful and he is in currently in the process of acquiring property in Dubai. By the time he speaks at conference he will have more to share with attendees about this exciting development.
Dean will be speaking at the ‘Steaming Ahead’ NZPIF Conference 2008 at the Energy Event Centre, Rotorua on October 24th, 25th, 26th. For more information, or to register go to
Registers before 1st July to qualify for the Early Bird discounted rate, receive a free Bob Jones book and go into the draw for a full refund

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