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The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 17 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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Steve McKnight on how to use real estate to create a golden future

Steve McKnight is a well known property investor from Australia. 

He was the 2010 Conference keynote speaker,who first became famous with his best selling book in 2003 - From 0-130 properties in 3.5 years. This was followed in 2006 by a second book, From 0-260 properties in 7 years, which included advice on how to thrive and survive in a property downturn. Steve has launched a revised edition of his first best selling book. He acknowledges that the market has changed dramatically since 2003 so he has completely updated the contents and rewritten the book to include thirteen new chapters. Delegates to the 2010 Conference heard stimulating and relevant advice on property investment strategies for today's market conditions and had the opportunity to ask Steve their burning questions. Steve has made his presentation available here