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Harcourts stats highlight listings decline

The number of properties available for sale in Auckland and Christchurch is down 16.7% and 21.7% respectively on the same time last year, Harcourts says in its latest MarketWatch report.

The agency’s Northern region, which includes Auckland and Northland, has experienced a 19.8% year-on-year drop in available exclusive listings and a 7.5% increase in sales. The average price is up 6% on the same time a year ago.

The region reported about 25% more auction listings compared to a year earlier. The amount of property available for sale was down by 16.7%.

In the central region, there were just 4.4% more listings compared to a year ago but auction listings were down 12.5%. Overall, the amount of property available for sale was down 4.4% in the region, Harcourts said.

Wellington’s level of written sales dropped 17.5% on a year ago but the amount of property on hand still declined 7.8%. Christchurch has seen exclusive listings drop by more than a third and the amount of available property for sale drop by more than 20%.

The rest of the South Island reported a drop in exclusive listings of 18.1%, a drop in auction listings of 51.9% and a drop in property for sale of 8.1%.


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