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Call to enforce insulation

Landlords need to look after their customers and keep their rental properties warm and dry, says the president of the Independent Property Managers Association.

By Susan Edmunds

Labour MP Phil Twyford’s member’s bill has been drawn from the ballot in parliament. It would require every rental property in New Zealand to meet minimum heating and insulation standards.

He said too many children suffered illnesses because they live in cold, damp homes.

The bill will amend the Residential Tenancies Act to require landlords to meet new standards.

Twyford said: "Most poor people live in private rental accommodation and while there has been a generous government subsidy scheme in place for several years there is no financial incentive for landlords to take up the subsidy and few have .It is time now to set minimum standards.”

IPMA president Martin Evans said a lot of landlords had insulated properties without calling on the subsidies, because it worked out cheaper. “I think a lot more are insulated than there were. Investors have been given plenty of opportunity, now is the time to enforce it and make sure it’s done.”

He said if it was run through the RTA, it would be much cheaper to manage. Similar proposals have suggested annual inspections, which would add a lot of cost, he said.

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