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Respecting tenant rights.

“No tenant should have to live in a mould-ridden unit,” said Andrew King, Executive Officer of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation the national organisation representing landlords.  “If the situation reported in the East Bays Courier today of a young woman living in a mouldy flat is because of problems with the flat itself, then this is unacceptable. The Federation has developed a Code of Ethics to ensure professional standards.”  He stressed that member landlords are very conscious of their responsibilities as outlined under the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act. They are also aware that sometimes it is the way the tenants live in their property which causes problems with mould.

Mr King says that members of property investors’ associations around the country, which are affiliated to the NZPIF, much prefer to talk face to face with their tenants and sort out issues. However he agrees that tenants also need advocates on occasions in order to be able to stand up for their rights and is not surprised that the Citizens Advice Bureau is reporting a four per cent increase in tenancy enquiries every year since 2010.

“These increases indicate the importance of prospective tenants checking to see if the landlord of the property they hope to rent is a member of the local Property Investors’ Association.” said Mr King. “Contact details for these associations are listed on the NZPIF website.  The Code of Ethics is also available on this website and a tenant who accesses this information has additional protection.”


Andrew King interviewed on RadioLive on November 14 at 7.20am and select the 7.15 time slot and advance it by 5 minutes 50 seconds.

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