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The future of home heating is here says Infracomfort, new national NZPIF business partner

Infracomfort provides an effective, efficient, low cost and maintenance-free way of heating living and work spaces, with stylish panels that emit invisible infrared light which gently and safely warms people and surfaces just as the sun does on a warm winter’s day.

Pat Kane and Derek Potts, from Infracomfort New Zealand, say the flexibility of Infracomfort heating makes it a suitable option for all kinds of hard to heat places, even at extremely low temperatures.

Graham Duff, Hawke’s Bay President of HBPIF, says working with Pat Kane and using Infracomfort to heat his rental properties has been really worthwhile.

“I have put 12 Infracomfort units in my rental properties, as they satisfy my requirements as a landlord for adequately priced heating options, and the tenants for performance and running costs. I would recommend Infracomfort to anyone searching for an effective, low cost way to heat their home.”

Pat Kane says Graham’s properties have been invaluable in helping refine Infracomfort’s sytems specifically for the rental market.

“Some of the benefits rental owners will see are the low capital cost, durability of the panels, no maintenance costs, hassle-free installation, and warm happy tenants. These features match the identified requirements of the tenants for cheap, easily manageable, hassle-free, safe and effective heating. “

With eight different sizes to choose from, and various colours and finishes available, Infracomfort’s panels have been designed to be future-proofed, with wireless and wired thermostat/timer controls and up to six settings a day.

Most importantly from a property investment perspective, Infracomfort panels can be easily retrofitted to existing buildings and houses and require no maintenance. The panels have a life expectancy of approximately 30 years and come with a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Infracomfort’s products are available throughout New Zealand and the company has provided for many projects across the North and South islands. Contact Pat or Derek at Infracomfort to discover a solution to your heating problem. Special concessions apply for New Zealand Property Investors Federation members.  More information at

Pat Kane or Derek Potts
Infracomfort New Zealand
113 Thompson Road
Napier 4110
New Zealand


+ 64 (07) 377 8849
Freephone in NZ 0800 386 374

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