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NZPIF announces a new partner - Unovent® A cost revolution in home ventilation

The NZ Property Investors’ Federation is very pleased to have signed a national agreement with Unovent. The Unovent moisture reduction system is a game changer. Home ventilation systems typically comprise of a central fan in the roof-cavity which distributes air into bedrooms and living rooms via a network of ducting and is usually installed by a specialist. 

Depending on the number of rooms, ducted systems may cost from $2000 to $6000. The revolutionary Unovent home ventilation system comprises of individual, ductless room outlets. Each outlet has its own fan and washable filter, all connected in series to a simple 12 volt supply using light-weight cabling.

This is why Unovent is a revolution in home ventilation?

  • Low cost - up to 75% less than other systems yet more effective.

  • Easily fitted by many DIY home handymen or an electrician. Installed in a few hours compared to 1 -2 days. No ducting or complex equipment is required.

  • No electronics to master. Safe 12 volt transformer plugged into 240v socket.

  • Low running costs - less than $1 per month versus $5 to $30 per month.

  • Simple DIY filter maintenance at no cost. Remove & wash the filter yourself from inside the room versus an expensive annual contract.

  • Start with one room then add other rooms as you wish.

  • Very quiet operation - lab tested at a barely audible 14 decibels.

  • Unovent fans are designed to run more than 150,000 hours & have a six year warranty.

  • Fully automated humidity & temperature controls pre-set for New Zealand conditions provide effective operation only when conditions are right. No adjustments are ever required.

  • Unovent Ltd & Showerdome Ltd are affiliated New Zealand enterprises successful at reducing unwanted moisture in the home with simple and effective solutions.

Unovent was developed by John Wadsworth, a former automation control engineer with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical Engineering. John wanted a ventilation system for his own home, but was unwilling to spend over $4000. A former CEO of Honeywell NZ, John’s extensive experience and success is now reflected in his revolutionary cost saving solution to home ventilation & drier, healthier Kiwi homes.

How does UNOVENT work?

When applicable, the system pulls drier air from the roof cavity into the damper home living spaces. This reduces the moisture room content and window condensation. It also reduces moisture absorbed into wall coverings, drapes and carpets which can lead to mould and mildew, key triggers for asthma and allergies.

An average sized 3 bedroom home with one living room would require four Unovent outlets at a DIY price from only $1,368.50. If required Unovent can arrange installation for you.

For more information visit … or call John at (09) 950 4436         

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