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Succeeding as a property investor and achieveing capital growth

Kesh was a powerful speaker at the NZPIF Conference, sharing his ideas about the attitudes and systems which lead to success as a property investor.  His presentation was brimming with excellent points about the systems new investors to plan and monitor the development of their portfolios.

Here is a section of his presentation in which he focused on the Landlord CEO role, outlining the aspects such a person should consider.

  • Understand the market for rental properties and the value of properties.

  • Understand cashflow by spreadsheet review of Profit and Loss.

  • Be able to review the balance sheet review for capital value increases.

  • Network with a mortgage broker for new purchases.

  • Track progress for Year on Year cashflow and equity growth.

  • Review performance against budget (rent and maintenance).

  • Undertake staff training on maintenance.

  • Tap into the potential for portfolio growth.

  • Work with a power team (mentor, accountant, lawyer, advisor).

APIA indicated that the full presentation would be available following the Conference but in the meantime, here is a link to an online interview with Kesh.



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