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MBIE launches online housing market dashboard

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment today released the Urban DevelopmentCapacity Dashboard – a one-stop, open-source tool of housing market indicators such as prices and rents, the number building consents granted relative to the growth in population; and the recently released Housing Affordability Measure (HAM).

Manager of Construction and Housing Policy, Di Anorpong says it’s vital that councils plan to provide enough space for future residents and businesses. The dashboard will help councils monitor how they are progressing as part of a larger work programme that MBIE has been working on with the Ministry for the Environment to help our high- and medium-growth councils deliver better urban planning.

“From time to time Governments make National Policy Statements on issues that will help to shape where we are going as a nation. The National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity directs councils to allow enough developmentopportunities in their plans and infrastructure to meet demand for housing and business space. Better evidence and monitoring will help inform this.

“The dashboard complements written guidance and a development feasibility model, which were publicly released in June. For council planners, being able to feed in up-to-date land prices and development costs across a council area gives a more realistic picture of whether a property development is likely to go ahead or not.

“While the ability to have this up-to-date information at your fingertips is a huge step forwards, it is just a starting point for analysis. The dashboard and the other aids will allow council planners to integrate the data with their own information and be alert to emerging trends earlier. The online, dynamic dashboard will be kept up-to-date as new data is released from CoreLogic and Statistics NZ each quarter.

“We are very proud to deliver another open-data source to New Zealanders. Councils have been trialling it and now the public is also welcome to use it to see what is happening to housing market indicators across New Zealand,” says Ms Anorpong.