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Andrew King clarifies comments attributed to him in a NZ Herald article 7 September

The NZ Property Investors Federation(NZPIF) has always seen the landlord/tenant relationship as a service provider/customer one. The NZPIF supported compulsory insulation in rental properties and agrees with many aspects of Labour's Healthy Homes legislation.

King points out that although NZPIF encourages members to install heat pumps, many have frequently said their tenants don't want them and, even when landlords have installed them, tenants haven't used them to keep costs down.

This is why the NZPIF proposed the Winter Heating Grant concept that Labour has introduced, albeit in a modified way.

When being interviewed by the journalist for the September 7 article. King was advised that National is proposing changes to the Healthy Homes legislation. He was asked if landlords should hold off installing heat pumps until after the election. He replied that landlords could ask their current tenants if they want a heat pump and if they didn't, “It’s probably a good idea to hold off”.

This comment was tenant focused, giving consideration to what the tenant wanted. It was not a general statement that all landlords should wait on the election before installing heating.

The NZPIF has actually been advising members to provide heat pumps earlier to take advantage of a short-term tax advantage introduced by the Government in response to Covid-19.