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The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 20 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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April property investment information you should know about


CGT is off the table

Since the 17th of April when Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that captial gains tax would not be introduced under her leadership, the media has been full of comments.  Some, including NZPIF, have applauded her decision - see here - and some expressed disappointment - see here. What is still on the table is the possibility of vacant land tax - read more here.


myRent is a new NZPIF partner

We are pleased to announce a new business partnership with myRent which will be of tremendous benefit to NZPIF members. As well as all the benefits already offered to users of myRent, NZPIF members will be offered a 15% discount when they sign up and enter their NZPIF number (including the last four numbers on their membership card ie 0419) for the management services of myRent.  Even if you already use these services, the 15% discount will apply by entering your membership number (including the last four numbers as shown on your membership card ie 0419).  One of these NZPIF members already using myRent says "Amazed at the personal and helpful service by myRent".  Read more enthusisatic comments from users and more about the benefits by going here.

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Common mistakes investors make through lack of good information

  • Thinking any property is a good investment opportunity
  • Basing 90% of the purchasing decision on emotion and only 10% on logic
  • Not having a sound strategy
  • Using a "one size fits all" strategy
  • Trusting what the sales man tells you without doing your own research
  • Overpaying

Market research is important for successful property investors and CoreLogic has easy to use tools to assist with your research. NZPIF members are offered a special price for subscriptions to RPNZ. 

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More specials on the way

Information will be sent out soon


New landscaping service - details next month.

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