New Zealand Property Investors' Federation

The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 17 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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Read about these experiences of other NZPIF members

"I have been happy with MyRent for the onboarding process, it is great to have all communication in one place and the reminders of what is needed or what the next steps are. It definitely makes life easier than having emails, texts, phone calls etc. I also appreciate the better price for advertising." Trish from WaPIA

"Amazed at the personal and helpful service from Myrent - as an owner-manager with several properties they have been brilliant with collecting payments from problem tenants. Their software works well and they are making constant improvements." Sue from CPIA

First-time myRent advertiser/user"I found using myRent to advertise our property very easy, in general.I was however, unprepared for the volume of responses received… The online chat worked really well when I needed assistance, and I got through it with great new tenants." Keren from MPIA

Here are some experiences of other landlords.→ Read all of our reviews here

"For "Mum and Dad" landlords who both have full-time jobs I found myRent an absolute pleasure to use. It was easy to manage the high volume of interest that we had with keeping track, making notes and contacting prospective tenants. I spoke to most people who viewed our property and they also found the myRent experience very user-friendly. The tenant check was also super easy and great value. Would definitely use this again." Debbie

"This is my first time being a landlord and I'm so impressed at how easy this was! Everything I needed was spelled out for me step by step. Being a full-time worker, I've appreciated the time this had saved in advertising it on several different platforms - All I had to do was input the information once and I didn't need to create multiple accounts. I actually created a myRent account, uploaded photos and wrote the blurb on my bus ride to work and it was advertised by the time I arrived! I love the control I have over the whole process too without having to worry about too much of the admin." Sumire Tachibana

"So much more than a discounted Trademe listing. At that time, I didn't realise how much more it offered. The tools to manage communications with the tenant are excellent, no more random texts from prospective tenants, everything is ordered and easy to manage. Even if it cost the same as a Trade Me listing I would use it every time.Bond lodgement and Tenancy Agreement were simple and fast using their process. It's something I've struggled with in the past so glad to had the Bond lodgement over to myRent and pleased with the TA.I'm looking forward to using the management service now." John R

"I am a Owner/Landlord and have just tenanted 4 homes with myRent and I am really really happy with the experience! The process is very clear and you are directed and supported the entire way through by the website and backed by a great bunch of real people.Great Platform for Listing properties for Rent, Onboarding and ongoing tenancy monitoring." DB

"Top service and functionality. This is the first time I am using your services and I am impressed with the functionality provided by Also credit checks, reference checks etc are done with priority 7 days a week. Very happy with their service. Top rating. Thanks" Ravi