New Zealand Property Investors' Federation, (NZPIF) is the umbrella body for 20 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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NZPIF/Resene Renovation of the Year

The focus of this award is on structural and decorating renovations.  It is open to all members of Property Investors' Associations affiliated to the NZPIF who are renovating or managing the renovation of a property or properties in New Zealand.  The winner will receive a cash prize of $1,500, a framed certificate and the engraved trophy for one year.  The winner's PIA receives $500.


Entry Form 


Please ensure your entry includes:


  1. This fully completed entry form (part 1 – part 6), including the project information of 400 words or more about your project.
  2. Images of your project on CD or by email as per the specifications in this entry form.


You may enter more than once but each entry must be on a separate entry form with its own information and images. Projects must use predominantly Resene colours and Resene paints/stains/coatings.

Entries that are incomplete or non-conforming can unfortunately not be accepted for judging.


Completed entries must be sent by email to or by courier to: NZPIF, 8 Sheffield Crescent, Bishopdale, Christchurch 8543

For any enquiries about the NZPIF/Resene Awards, please email or – we're here to help.

PART 1 - About you:

Your name:


Business name:


NZPIF membership number:


Your postal address:











Please write the name and/or business name to be credited should you win an award.

You may choose to have either a person's name, a business name or both.



Business name:




PART 2 - About your project:

Project name:

(how you would like it to be referred to in media/awards)


Project budget ($):


Actual spend ($):

(materials only)


Project start date:


Project end date:


Project address:

(this will be referred to be suburb only in media)



Architectural specifier (if any):




Building contractor (if any):








Colour selection:

(not sure about this?)




Interior designer (if any):




Painting contractor (if any):




Photographer (if you do not take your own photos):




Other key contributor:

(please include their role in the project)




Other key contributor:

(please include their role in the project)




















PART 3 - Please provide at least 400 words about your project.


The information should include as a minimum:

  • Description/background of the project, reason for undertaking the project, project brief (minimum 200 words)












  • What work was done as part of the project? (minimum 200 words)











  • The impact of the changes (e.g. on rental value, tenant satisfaction, etc) (minimum 100 words)











PART 4 - About the colour/paint:

  • Please detail the Resene colours and Resene paints/stains/coatings used.



Resene colour name

Resene product name

(e.g. Resene Lumbersider)


























  • The reason and inspiration for the colour scheme including the Resene colours and products selected. (minimum 100 words)











  • Any interesting facts about the project, any particular challenges that had to be overcome.










PART 5 - Images supply


Please supply 6-12 images of the project. Each image should be named: your name_project name_then the image number (1-12).


You MUST include before and after photos.


Please send images:

  • EITHER on a CD (PC or MAC) with an electronic copy of your entry form and a hard copy printout of your entry form.
  • OR by email to

Ensure images are 2mb-10mb in size, jpeg format at a minimum of 300 dpi.  If emailing large images, please send them over multiple emails or as a zip file.  Please do not provide as dropbox or similar files. Please ensure all emails with images include your project name and contact details so we can match them to your entry.

Fill the frame (when looking through the viewfinder) with the building/room/subject to maximise the image the judges see. As the images are a key part of your entry please ensure that they showcase your project well and include closeup and wide angle views so that the judges can see the detail of your project and how it sits within its environment. Please ensure the images show the entire project and are representative of the colours and materials used. You do not need professional photography.


PART 6 – Confirm entry


By entering the NZPIF/Resene Awards, I/we agree all material submitted becomes the property of NZPIF and Resene and that NZPIF and Resene may retain and use the images and information, including details of those involved in the project, for promotional or other purposes in the future without infringing on any other company's/person's privacy, copyright or intellectual property rights. Such use by NZPIF and Resene will be without charge. I/we confirm that all information contained in this entry form is a true and fair representation of project details and that I/we have checked with the painting contractor, manufacturer or building/project manager that Resene colour/s and Resene products (such as Resene paints, Resene stains and/or Resene coatings) have been used on the completed project. I/we have obtained express permission from the property owner to enter it in the NZPIF/Resene Awards. The judges' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. NZPIF or Resene may add, remove or adjust categories at our discretion. Where an entry will perform better in another category we will endeavour to move it to that category.  If sent electronically, a digital signature can be used.








For entries that require permission from more than one person, the additional person can confirm their approval by signing below.















Entries now close on 8 September 2018

Winners will be announced at the Gala Dinner at the 2018 NZPIF Conference 

Completed entries, labelled clearly NZPIF/Resene Renovation of the Year, must be sent by email to: or by courier to NZPIF, 8 Sheffield Crescent, Bishopdale, Christchurch 8543