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The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 17 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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Federation Activities

First 2022 Newsletter. Happy New Year

Happy New Year - Best wishes from the NZPIF Executive Committee members for  2022


Findings of recent survey of members

Many thanks to those who took the time during the holiday period to complete the survey organised by the NZPIF in association with the NZ Property Investor. The aim of this survey was to understand how the changes to the housing market over the last year have been affecting members throughout the country.  Of the 913 respondents, 65% were male and 35% female, with 50% over 50 years of age.  To read more about the findings of this survey go here


myRent has updated their information on the NZPIF website this year.  Go here to see an outline of the benefits full NZPIF members can claim.  Find out more here

As these benefits are not available to Associate members, these members can upgrade their memberships at any stage by going to this page and clicking on the location nearest to them.  The link for the website of the Property Investors Association in that location will be displayed on the right hand side of tbe screen.  That PIA website will give information about how to join and the cost of joining.  Every member of an affliated Assocation around NZ is automatically a member of NZPIF and can use myRent and all its benefits.  


How will delays with council inspections and receiving code compliance for new builds in 2022 affect insurance of your property?

The good news is insurance can still be considered on a non-compliant new build, but confirmation is needed that it meets the following requirements:

  1. House has practical completion, including a kitchen, and power/water supply
  2. House is structurally complete, fully secure and lockable
  3. Someone is living in it
  4. There is no major or structural work still to be completed

If your property meets the above criteria, cover can be considered. You will need to disclose that there is no current code compliance certificate obtained.

Learn more about code of compliance and insurance

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Feeling at risk when you do your property inspections?

If you are worried about the level of risk you are likely to experience while doing property inspections, or if you need better protection from COVID and Omicron at other times while you are out and about, go here and order your supply of good quality masks and/or a pulse oximeter.  A discount is available for NZPIF members by using the code StaySafeNZPIF. Please note that due to demand masks ordered from overseas could take a month to arrive.