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The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 17 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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Federation Activities

All you need to know in May


The NZPIF has launched a plan to fix the rental crisis.


There have been many reports of tenants finding it difficult to find suitable rental properties and rental prices increasing. Removal of the 90 day notice provisions have protected antisocial tenants without providing real security of tenure for the vast majority of tenants.

It is time to have our say on problems with renting in New Zealand and put forward sensible solutions to make things better.  You can find a summary here.  Here is the full report on our plan to fix the rental crisis.

The NZPIF plans main focus is on removing cost and tax increases to reduce pressure on rental prices plus proposing a long term tenancy option that is fair to both parties.

The  media release announcing the plan is here and you can see a Stuff article on the plan here. Have your say in the comments section of the Stuff article.  



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Property Pages - a new player on the block

Property Pages is a new online property hub. First and foremost, they operate as a listing service for trades, services, rental properties, flats and flatmates. Alongside this, their website is also host to a range of property-related information and advice from sources such as the government, industry professionals, passionate locals and more. They are Kiwi owned and operated, Auckland based, expanding fast and working hard to reduce the cost, effort and confusion that surrounds buying, renting, building or renovating property.

The following is available for all NZPIF members but is of particular interest to Associate Members whose low membership fee gives them limited access to discounts given to NZPIF

-Free Listings: Listing rental properties on their site is FREE forever. They charge no listing fees for listing, viewing or applying for flats or rental properties.

-Free Advice and Information: They have articles, local knowledge, a collated selection of links to official sources of information as well as a professional builder, a mortgage advisor and an architect standing by on their site to answer queries and give free advice to anyone who needs it.

-Healthy Homes Standards: All of their rental properties must declare to what extent they comply with the Healthy Homes Standards. This helps renters get quality homes and will promote those landlords who have made the effort to be fully compliant.

Go here for a Landlord Information Pack