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May '08 Issue

Every issue of the NZ Property Investor magazine will continue to bring you all the news, tips and statistics you need to keep your property investments humming in 2008.

Tax. It’s a dirty word, but someone’s gotta say it! Our cover story this month looks into The Great Tax Crackdown, where the IRD is claiming over $100 million in unpaid taxes from property transactions and is on a mission to find it. We look at how this could affect you and what you need to do if the IRD comes knocking.

This issue features part five of our Investing for Beginners series, designed to help readers become better property investors, with a practical guide to residential property investment. In part five, it’s time to get cracking! We look at doing the business – of buying – and how numbers are the key to success.

We talk to Canterbury property investors Val and Peter Williams about their strong family focus and how smart planning enabled the former farmers to set themselves up for semi-retirement, while also helping their children into property. They also have some good advice for other investors, such as buying property with tenant-type in mind and lots of garaging!

This issue we have the first of a new column called The Hard Yards, where property investing guru Michael Yardney tells us about the different types of investors he has come across over the years, and asks: ‘What type are you?’

Another feature this month looks into investing in OZ. It's no surprise that Kiwi property investors are looking elsewhere for bargains. We look in-depth at investing over the ditch and the potential risks involved.


This month, the NZ Property Investor is giving subscribers a one in four chance of winning tickets to the New Zealand Property Investors' Federation Conference 2008 in Rotorua, each worth $695!

Also featured in the May 2008 issue:

  • News: New strategy from Minister: Start collecting 'shells'; Banks tightening criteria; Blue Chip: Beware the vultures; Investors down but not out
  • Housing commentary: House prices are up, but sales volumes are down, confusing even the professionals
  • Ask an expert: Have your burning property investment questions answered

More feature articles:

  • Creating cash flow: Property trading can be lucrative, but it pays to minimise risk. We look at the tricks of the property trading game
  • Commercial property: Despite the current market, it's not all bad news for diligent investors. We talk to industry professionals with their fingers on the commercial property pulse to find out exactly what's up


  • Tenancy management: Tenants' and landlords' rights when building repairs are pending or underway
  • Economics: Housing sentiment has turned sour. We look at why and what's likely to happen in the flip side of falling house prices
  • Investing strategy: Apt advice on how to tighten the belt on your finances in order to reach your property investing goals
  • Mortgages: The importance of obtaining the best advice possible in the current financial and property climate
  • Property developing: Once you've bought a property for developing, what's next?
  • Regional review – Dunedin: The vista in this southern city has some exciting new developments on the horizon. we look at the city's potential for property investors and if it lives up to its slogan, 'It's all right here'
  • Property Investors’ Federation: News from around the regions
  • Toolbox: We check out the online Easy Property Tax program and give you the pros and cons
  • Mortgage commentary: Borrowers are feeling the squeeze. Those using non-bank lenders and lo-doc loan products are finding it tougher to get money for their deals. We look at what options are available for property investors
  • Rental statistics: The latest rental returns by region and suburb through out the country
  • House prices: We look at the median prices and total sales by region
  • Property books: we review Commercial Real Estate Investing - A Creative Guide to Successfully Making Money by Dolf de Roos. Plus all the latest books from the Landlords bookstore
  • And much more!