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November '08 Issue

No one can get it right all the time. Even the experts get things wrong. And so it is with property investing.

The great investor Warren Buffett once said that four out of 10 of his investments were mistakes. Even the best investors are fallible. 

“We all learn a great deal more from our failures than our successes. If every shot was a hole in one, you’d lose interest in the game.”

In the current market, many investors are realising they have made mistakes. Some will survive, others will not. The smart ones will pick themselves up, learn from their mistakes and do it all much better next time.

But how great is it to have the opportunity to learn from other peoples’ mistakes, rather than experience them all yourself?

We interviewed some investors willing to admit they’ve made mistakes. These investors have survived complete rotations of the property cycle and share their journey, and offer advice and guidance to propel your investing down the right track.

We profile the Landlord of the Year winners, announced recently at the New Zealand Property Investors’ Federation (NZPIF) Conference in Rotorua (which is also the home of the NZ Property Investor, FYI).
Our congratulations go to Andrea and Andrew Elliot of Dunedin, and runners-up Kevin and Megan McCarthy, and Lorna and Jeff Goodin.

Our beginners’ series this month looks at the best structures for protecting your assets. What’s best – a trust or an LAQC?

A  picture paints a thousand words. So does a garden. We have 10 hot tips on how simple changes to the garden can instantly transform the look and feel of your investment property.

We also spend a day in the life of a property finder to see how valuable they are to an investor’s team.

Also in the November 2008 issue:

  • Opinion: Find out what The Landlord has to say
  • News: OCR positive influence on mortgage rates; Insulation offer sweetened for landlords; Election packing market punch; Rents increasing in Auckland
  • Diary: What’s on for property investors this month? Find out about all the best events coming up
  • Housing commentary: The market is not bouncing back as many predicted and recent optimism has evaporated
  • Ask an expert: We answer your burning property investment questions.If a property doesn't sell after being advertised, can you bypass the agent and go straight to the vendor?
  • Profile: Fiona and Alistair Gillespie are savvy investors with a love of freedom and flying, and a portfolio to match. They're also clued-up on how to add value to their portfolios
  • Columns:
    • Accounting: Recent changes in tax legislation in Australia is making NZ a more attractive investment option from both sides of the Tasman
    • Mortgage: What happens when the bank says yes to your loan and then changes its mind? We look at alternative funding options
    • Economics: Reasons for rate cuts don't bode well for the property market or the economy
    • Strategy: Master the art of negotiation. The five step process
    • Property management: Landlords need to think about different ways for attracting good tenants in difficult times
    • Legal: Continuing the series on how the RTA amendments will affect landlords and investors
  • Regional review: Tauranga: It's a lifestyler's haven - sun, sand surf. But how does it stack up as an investment option? We check out the city and surrounding areas for opportunities as attractive as the way of life
  • NZPIF: News and events from around the regions
  • Toolbox: Smart landlords need to check out these tools - online courses for property managers. Knowing how to handle tenants is vital for successful investing
  • Property books:Walk this way to wealth - Bruce Brammall's new book Debt Man Walking: A 10-step Investment and Gearing Guide for Generation X. A must-read for all Gen X'ers