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March '10 Issue

The rules around residential property investment are going to change forever. In our lead feature this month we look at the possible changes, what you can do to prepare for them and how they could affect the market in the future.

Changes are afoot around depreciation - we look at how the IRD is tightening current laws, and what it means for you and your investments.

Commercial 101 series: Finding funds for commercial investments can be a tricky business, as criteria and interest rates vary hugely from residential lending. We look at what you need to know.

Jane Eyles-Bennett advises that  making sure you don't over-capitalise on renovation projects is simple if you keep track of the numbers and plan, plan, plan.

Michael Yardney offers reassurance that the current lull in the property market won't be around forever and is merely part of working up to the next boom.

Investing is a game for traders Alan Sims and Caroline Pearson, who play for the lifestyle and the sheer love of all things property in our Profile feature this month.

Apartments are making a come-back after a rough few years for investors and we take a look at the central Auckland market to see what's on offer and what could be in the pipeline.

Also in the March 2010 issue:

  • News: Social media a powerful tool for investors; Building construction set to rise; Crockers says market not that bad; The truth about mortgagee sales
  • Commercial news: Colliers picks commercial vacancy rates to rise; Removing depreciation tax breaks unfair
  • Diary: What's on for property investors this month? Find out where the hottest events are happening around the country.
  • Mortgage commentary: Some lenders are going against the grain with rate cuts, but short-term fixes are still offering the best value
  • Housing commentary: There are many things to blame for the current state of the property market, writes Jenny Ruth
  • Ask an expert: What happens when a property is not properly registered in an LAQC and what is the future of LAQCs in general?
  • Toolbox: Cashing in on Rugby World Cup fever, we look at two sites listing properties available to rent during that time and why they can be a lucrative option for investors
  • Columns:
    • Accounting: Mark Withers muses on dodging bullets and his take on the Prime Minister's latest speech on tax
    • Mortgages:  How do you achieve the perfect loan application? Jonathan Michell explains how to swing things in your favour
    • Economics: The housing market has run out of steam, but is it set for another crash or merely stalling before the next climb? Khoon Goh explains
    • Commercial: Why are the details in commercial leases so crucial to the value of your commercial property? Mahesh Ranchhod tells us why
    • Conveyancing: Kim Matheson explains the five types of structures in which to purchase property, what they mean and what they can be used for
  • NZPIF: News from around the regions, plus what's happening at Wellington- Capital Property Investors' Association this year