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The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 17 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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November '10 Issue

Shedding light on the LAQC changes.

NZ Property Investor presents its annual health check of the residential investment market and finds out what investors are doing and how they have changed their approach in the past 12 months.

This feature provides an in-depth look at what investors think will happen with house prices and rents and also changes they will make as new tax laws come into play.

The majority of investors hold their properties in loss attributing qualifying companies, or LAQCs, but this is about to change. This issue of NZ Property Investor examines the government’s recently announced changes for LAQCs and advisers investors on their options for restructuring their investments.

These features provide you with practical advice. You can get inspiration from our featured investor this month. This lady has gone from having gang connections in South Auckland to building a significant residential investment portfolio.

One of the popular areas for investors is Manukau in South Auckland. The regional review this month gives you detailed information about what is happening in this market and what the opportunities are for investors and landlords.