New Zealand Property Investors' Federation

The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 17 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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Need property information but time starved?


There is no doubt that membership of your local Property Investors' Association is the best way to gain property information and meet other investors. But time pressures often don't allow us to do what we want.

With this in mind, the NZ Property Investors' Federation has set up a new Associate Membershp class for time starved people who still need to be kept up-to-date on all property matters .

This category is for landlords who would like to be a member of the NZPIF but who are unable to attend local meetings for one reason or another.  Attendance at monthly meetings of local Property Investors' Association is a benefit of full membership of each individual Association and Associate members may attend after paying the fee set by the Association. Benefits for Associate Members will include regular up to date information on relevant issues emailed straight to you, as well as discounts for a range of products at Bunnings Stores and discounted specialist landlord insurance through Initio and First Lane Insurance as well as access to the special deal from CoreLogic. Unfortunately myRent discounts are not available to Associate Members.

Associate members can log into the Members area of the NZPIF website but not to those of the local Associations.

All this for much less than a coffee a month!

If you are interested in this highly cost effective membership (only $25 per person), go here to join or renew. You can upgrade at any stage to full membership of one of the local Property Investors' Associations located throughout the country. By completing the registration form you are agreeing that your details may be passed on to the Association nearest you so that you can be invited to one of their meetings.

More information

The Associate membership is for an individual, not a couple. When you have completed the registration form, a Bunnings PowerPass card (which is the membership card for an Associate Member) is ordered for you.  This card can take up to 20 days to be mailed to you. Your details will be added to the NZPIF membership database within 2 working days and this will enable you to set up a password and log in as a member to the NZPIF website. As the Association closest to you may like to invite you to a meeting, your contact details may be passed on to that Association. 

NZPIF does not guarantee that the benefits and discounts offered by third parties will be available at all times. NZPIF also has the right to change its programme as required.

The membership must be renewed every 12 months for the Associate member to continue to enjoy the advertised benefits. The member must advise NZPIF of any change to location address and email address. Membership will automatically lapse when the subscription remains unpaid for six months after the due date