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The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 17 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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Now NZPIF members and Associate members

can save on fuel at McKeown, Caltex, Z and Challenge

NZPIF has partnered with McKeown Petroleum so that our members can obtain exclusive discounts. You just need one card to save on Diesel and Petrol at over 100 North and 80 South Island Truckstops as well as service stations nationwide and all prices quoted here are GST inclusive.


This is how much members will save on diesel and petrol wherever you are in NZ?



Truck Stops

Service Stations


McKeown, Caltex, Z
(14 cents per litre off national price)
Caltex, Z, Challenge
(8 cents per litre off pump price)


(9 cents per litre off pump price)
Caltex, Z, Challenge
(8 cents per litre off pump price)

What's the McKeown National Price?

McKeown has replaced zone pricing for Diesel at Truckstops with their weekly National price. At all McKeown, Z and Caltex 24/7 Truckstops nationwise, instead of paying the pump price, members get Diesel at 14c per litre off the McKeown National Price. 

To summarise - 

  • Regardless of where you are in NZ, 14c per litre will be taken off the National price (not pump price) for Diesel.
  • The National price doesn't apply to Petrol and can't be used on Diesel at Service Stations.
  • National price is GST inclusive and updated weekly
  • Where Truck Stops are connected to Service Stations, you need to use the 24/7 Card Machine attached to the Truck Stop to get the National price.


It's one card, nationwide 

  • NO Initial Joining Fees
  • NO Ongoing Monthly Fees
  • NO Annual Card Fees
  • One Monthly Bill

Apply for your fuel card here

Call 0800 800 908 if you need assistance with your application.

Want to find Truckstops and service stations all over the country?

Download the McKeown Network App, available on the Google Play Store for Android, and the App Store for iPhones and iPads. Unable to download the app but want a list of all the 24/7 Truckstops?

Click here to download a PDF copy.