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Hint of optimism in OCR announcement

The decision this morning to leave the official cash rate (OCR) unchanged at 2.5% hasn’t surprised anyone – but the hint of optimism included with the Reserve Bank governor’s statement has.
25-10-2012 more >>

Lower standards to boost affordability: Alexander

It needs to become cheaper to build houses if New Zealand is to avoid a situation where lower income families have nowhere to live, says BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander.
25-10-2012 more >>

Debt collection could become much dearer

Dealing with problem tenants could become a lot more expensive under changes to the judicial system being proposed by the Government. Geoff Knight, of debt recovery and collection service CIA, said many landlords would give up on recovering money they were owed from errant former tenants if the new fees scheme was adopted.
23-10-2012 more >>

Auckland holds on to rental premium

Investors with properties in Manukau are getting the best return on investment, according to the latest market research from Crockers.
19-10-2012 more >>

Banks loosen lending criteria

Competition between banks is leading to a relaxation of lending standards, says BNZ chief executive Tony Alexander.
19-10-2012 more >>

Investors offered rural opportunities

There are more options opening up for investors wanting a slice of the rural sector, according to Bayleys real estate.
18-10-2012 more >>

Commercial owners offered green cover

Commercial property owners are being offered a new insurance policy that covers environmentally friendly reconstruction. It’s been developed by insurance broker Apex General in partnership with NZI.
17-10-2012 more >>

Bank questions housing market sustainability

New Zealand’s housing market is caught between two opposing forces and price rises may not be sustainable, ANZ’s latest Property Focus report says.
16-10-2012 more >>

Agent survey shows little change

Young buyers and investors are active in the market, according to the latest BNZ/REINZ survey of real estate agents.
15-10-2012 more >>

Renewal of leases pushes NPT value up

A lift in Christchurch retail activity has pushed the value of NPT Ltd’s property portfolio up 6.9% in six months.
15-10-2012 more >>

Familiar cure for bank hangover

BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander says central banks around the world are pursuing a “hair of the dog that bit you” solution to the global financial crisis, by flooding the market with cash.
12-10-2012 more >>

Lifestyle market steady: REINZ

New Zealand’s lifestyle property market continued its lift in the September quarter, when there were 6.2% more sales compared to the same time the year before.
12-10-2012 more >>

Scarfies name worst flats

Otago University’s Students Association says the condition of the flats judged among the city’s worst is a reminder that tenants should issue their landlords with 14-day notices to rectify when things aren’t right.
12-10-2012 more >>

NZPIF backs IRD on rental business

New Zealand Property Investors Federation president Andrew King has welcomed an Inland Revenue victory over a landlord it said was running a business.
11-10-2012 more >>

Mortgagee levels not as bad as reported: Helm

The mortgagee sale situation in New Zealand is not as dire as recent reports would have us believe, says property commentator Alistair Helm.
10-10-2012 more >>

Rental market softening, Trade Me stats show

It’s still hard to find a rental in Christchurch, according to the latest statistics from Trade Me.
09-10-2012 more >>

Auckland-centric boom could spill over: Westpac

House price rises concentrated in Auckland can still have a material impact on the national economy, Westpac economists say.
09-10-2012 more >>

Housing affordability improving

Housing affordability has improved year-on-year almost everywhere in New Zealand– except Auckland, according to Massey University.
09-10-2012 more >>

House price rise slow and steady: QV

Nationwide house prices are ahead of the 2007 market peak, according to the latest statistics from QV. But research director Jonno Ingerson said the rate of increase was still relatively slow – about 5% per year compared to the up to 15% that was seen last decade.
09-10-2012 more >>

National house price up 6%: REINZ

A lack of listings is driving prices up around the country, according to the latest data from the Real Estate Institute.
08-10-2012 more >>

Five rental properties a business: IRD

An investor with as few as five rental properties can be said to be running a business, says Lindsay Ng, New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants tax manager.
08-10-2012 more >>

National house price up 6%: REINZ

A lack of listings is driving prices up around the country, according to the latest data from the Real Estate Institute.
08-10-2012 more >>

Property a strong investment: RBNZ

A Reserve Bank analysis of investment returns has shown the strength of property investment compared to other asset classes. It comes after a report from Camelot Financial Group, which said property investor should consider shares for better returns. Its findings were heavily criticised – partly because the data did not take into account income from rent.
07-10-2012 more >>

Transitional period over for unit titles

Apartment-owners will find themselves caught out when they go to sell their properties if their body corporates have not kept up with the requirements of the Unit Titles Act 2010. The transitional period for bodies corporate ended on October 1.
07-10-2012 more >>

Greens call for capital gains tax

The Green Party has called for a capital gains tax to bring the New Zealand dollar under control. Co-leader Russel Norman said the high dollar had meant a loss of jobs in the export sector.
07-10-2012 more >>

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