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Newland: Buyers will find a way around restrictions

Loan-to-value restrictions won’t really make any difference to people who really want to buy a house, property commentator Olly Newland says.
24-07-2013 more >>

Short-term LVR effect predicted

The housing market will hesitate for a few weeks once the loan-to-value speed limits are introduced tomorrow before getting back into business as usual, property commentator Olly Newland says.
30-09-2013 more >>

LVR restrictions 'could spark complaints'

The Banking Ombudsman is expecting the new loan-to-value speed limits to cause a spike in mortgage-related issues. The restrictions came into force yesterday and require banks to keep their low-deposit lending to no more than 10% of their new loans.
02-10-2013 more >>

LVR move worries investors

Property investors are wary about the possible impact of new loan-to-value restrictions, the latest ANZ Property Investment Survey shows.
07-10-2013 more >>

QV predicts activity flurry

QV is expecting a short-term flurry of activity as people who have been preapproved for loans get their housing deals done.
09-10-2013 more >>

RBNZ predicts turnover drop

The Reserve Bank expects sales volume to drop by about 5% due to the loan-to-value speed limit restrictions it introduced this month.
10-10-2013 more >>

Young people more interested in investing: Alexander

Young people are turning into investors rather than first-home buyers because of the loan-to-value restrictions, BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander says.
25-10-2013 more >>

First-home buyers giving up: Survey

Real estate agents say first-home buyers are deserting the market as the loan-to-value restrictions take effect. In the latest BNZ/REINZ survey of real estate agents, 78% said they were seeing fewer first-home buyers than in the previous month.
14-11-2013 more >>

Property market on hold

New Zealand’s property market is stuck in a hiatus, trapped between strong migration and price expectations on one hand and the introduction of LVR restrictions and an impending hike in the official cash rate on the other, ANZ’s economists say.
23-12-2013 more >>

Call to split interest rates

A two-tier interest rate system, with higher rates for investors, would be a better option than loan-to-value restrictions, one commentator says.
07-01-2014 more >>

Prices up but turnover slowing:QV

The first sign of the impact of loan-to-value restrictions has been a drop in the number of listings, Quotable Value says.
14-01-2014 more >>

Pressure on both sides: ANZ

There’s a mixed outlook for the property market, if ANZ’s latest Property Focus is anything to go by. The bank’s economists have issued their monthly Property Focus, reporting pressure from both directions on house prices.
31-01-2014 more >>

Record price for lifestyle blocks

Loan-to-value restrictions have the potential to affect the lifestyle property market but there is no sign of them doing so yet, the Real Estate Institute’s rural spokesman says.
24-01-2014 more >>

QV blames LVR rules for slowing growth

Growth in property values slowed considerably in January, QV says, pointing the finger and loan-to-value restrictions and rising interest rates. It has released its latest statistics, which show nationwide values have increased 9.6% over the past year and 2.2% over the past three months.
10-02-2014 more >>

LVR rules affecting FHBs most: Alexander

First-home buyers may be edging back into the market but are still bearing the brunt of the Reserve Bank’s loan-to-value restrictions, a new survey shows. BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander said the results of the first BNZ/REINZ survey of real estate agents for the year would be released next week.
13-02-2014 more >>

First-home buyers missing out: Survey

Reserve Bank loan-to-value (LVR) rules have had a big impact on first-home buyers, but not made much difference to investors, the latest BNZ/REINZ survey of real-estate agents shows.
17-02-2014 more >>

Interest rates drive prices down: Westpac

New Zealand’s housing market is firmly in slowdown mode, Westpac’s chief economist says. Dominick Stephens said data from QV and REINZ confirmed the beginning of a trend. He said the fall in sales was most noticeable in the cheaper end of the market and had hit all regions except Queenstown.
20-02-2014 more >>

Impact of rules revealed

Napier and Wellington have experienced the biggest drops in first-home buyer numbers since the loan-to-value restrictions kicked in, Property IQ data shows. Both have reported a drop of 5.4% in first-home buyers since the rules took hold.
24-02-2014 more >>

LVR rules not working: Harcourts

Provisional data from New Zealand’s largest real estate group Harcourts for the month of February shows there is continued pressure on the housing market in Auckland and Northland. The group said its average sales price had reached $644,613 – up 13% on the same time last year.
05-03-2014 more >>

Investing becoming more popular

More people are interested in buying investment properties since the loan-to-value rules kicked in, the latest BNZ Consumer Confidence survey shows. It found a net 45% of the respondents are confident that the economy will improve over the next year.
05-03-2014 more >>

Too soon to draw conclusions: Alexander

There is no way of knowing how long loan-to-value restrictions might affect the housing market throughout this year, BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander says. He said house prices would continue to rise as the imbalance between demand and supply at current prices showed no sign of letting up.
23-01-2014 more >>

First-home buyers still absent: Survey

First-home buyers are still noticeably absent from the market, the latest REINZ/BNZ survey of real estate agents shows. A net 77% of agents are seeing fewer of them in the market.
16-12-2013 more >>

Alexander: Too early to claim impact on lending

Home loan approvals have reached a new post-LVR restriction high, but BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander says it’s too soon to conclude that the rules have not slowed lending growth.
06-12-2013 more >>

Alexander: Rules will push up regional house prices

Loan-to-value restrictions may boost other parts of the New Zealand property market as buyers turn their attention away from Auckland, says BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander.
22-08-2013 more >>

First-home buyers rush in

First-home buyers are scrambling to get in before LVR restrictions kick in, one broker says. It is believed that the Reserve Bank will introduce a “speed limit” on the amount of low-deposit lending banks do, probably at the end of September.
13-08-2013 more >>

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