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Minister welcomes insulation of houses in Auckland

Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges says the ASB Community Trust contribution to funding the insulation of houses in Auckland, as part of the Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes programme, is an important example of partnership between Government and community organisations.
13-11-2014 more >>

Not appropriate to ease LVR restrictions yet

The New Zealand financial system remains sound and continues to operate effectively, Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler said today when releasing the Bank’s November Financial Stability Report.
12-11-2014 more >>

Thomas Chin reports on political and regulatory news in Ocotber

This is the monthly report which summarises political and regulatory news or comment affecting the residential rental property market.
10-11-2014 more >>


The Harry Lawson Cup is awarded annually by the NZPIF in recognition of the most outstanding PIA for the year.
07-11-2014 more >>

ANZ Residential Property Investment survey

Once again there were some highly interesting findings in the annual ANZ Residential Property Investment Survey.Many thanks to ANZ for undertaking this research each year.
07-11-2014 more >>

Sale of state houses not a catalyst for higher rents

Andrew King says it is incorrect and misleading to link the sale of state houses with the likelihood of higher rents.
05-11-2014 more >>

Questionable use of tax payers' money

Andrew King questions the Government proposal to sell state houses to community housing providers at a discounted price and provide income related rents as well.
05-11-2014 more >>

Post Election Property Politics

Property investors will be relieved that a capital gains tax and the proposal to ring fence tax losses are off the table for at least three years. But there are still some political activities that could affect the rental property industry. The Warrant of Fitness issue has still not been resolved, neither has the earthquake strengthening debate. The NZPIF has presented our case in both these areas.
02-11-2014 more >>

Listed Property Funds: Don't take property advice from a financial planner

The NZ Herald recently had an article on "Giving up the day job" with a financial expert sharing some tips. It was a classic example of not taking property advice from a financial advisor. However it raises a good point about retiring property investors switching from building up an asset base to maximising their retirement income.
02-11-2014 more >>

Labours leadership contest: Good news for Capital Gains Tax?

Radio NZ has said that the Labour Party looks likely to change its capital gains policy, irrespective of who wins the leadership election. While this appears to be good news for many New Zealander's, including tenants and rental property owners, is it really?
02-11-2014 more >>

Interest rates unchanged

Interest rates are usually a rental property owners greatest expense, so it is crucial to keep up-to-date on what is happening now and in the future.
02-11-2014 more >>

Carmen Vicelich, property information service Valocity, on OCR rate hold

Carmen Vicelich is the managing director of Vicelich
02-11-2014 more >>

Land supply enquiry

Government has asked the Productivity Commission to investigate ways to improve the way local authorities regulate to make land available for housing.
02-11-2014 more >>

Record migration numbers

The year to September 2014 saw the highest net increase in migration since 2003. Read about why they came here and where they went
02-11-2014 more >>

OCR unchanged at 3.5 percent

Statement issued by Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler:
30-10-2014 more >>

UK's largest residential property investor headlines NZ Property Conference

Kevin Green was a very informative and entertaining speaker at the 2014 NZPIF Conference 17-19 October
20-10-2014 more >>

Nelson landlord wins national award

Lyn Marshall of Nelson became the 2014 Landlord of the Year at the NZPIF 2014 Conference on Saturday 18 October
18-10-2014 more >>

Election result good for tenants and landlords

I'm writing this the day after the election, grateful to the publishers for an extension in providing this article. During the week leading up to the election I was wondering if NZ First was going to be the King Maker and if we would even have a Government by the time you read this. Thankfully the result was clear cut and Labour announced quickly that they couldn't form a Government.
10-10-2014 more >>

Thomas Chin's Post Election Report

John Key will lead a National coalition administration for another 3 years
30-09-2014 more >>

Falls in homes reduced

Falls in the home could be reduced by a quarter according to the results of a new study just published online in top international medical journal The Lancet.
24-09-2014 more >>

World-first study proves low-cost home modifications prevent falls

Falls in the home could be reduced by a quarter according to the results of a new study just published online in top international medical journal The Lancet.
23-09-2014 more >>

Are we all worthy of safety?

The Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) has used a study by the Otago University's Injury Prevention Research Unit to call for a Warrant of Fitness for rental properties
22-09-2014 more >>

Is a rental property WOF the right solution

On the even of the General Election there has been more lobbying for a rental property WOF
18-09-2014 more >>

OCR unchanged at 3.5 percent

In a statement issued by Reserve Bank Governor Graeme Wheeler, the Reserve Bank today left the Official Cash Rate unchanged at 3.5 percent.
11-09-2014 more >>

Tax changes will affect tenants

The NZ Property Investors' Federation (NZPIF) has studied the potential effects of both a CGT and ring fencing rental property losses. These two policies will have a direct and major impact on rental prices.
03-09-2014 more >>

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