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New research confirms NZPIF call for ability to have long term tenancy option

New research from Motu found that the level of well being of a tenant related to the length of time the tenant had been in one tenancy. The NZPIF has been advocating for the ability to provide this since February 2022

Tenants who live in public housing have better levels of well being than people in private rentals, new research indicates, and similar to people who own their own homes. The research, from Motu, found that much of that was due to the length of time that a tenant had been in a property. When someone had lived in a private rental property for a decade or two, they reported similar levels of wellbeing to those in state houses. The research was done as part of Government funded work led by Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman, of Otago University.

Read more about this research here - - 27 Sept.

NZPIF released its plan to Fix the Rental Crisis in February 2022.  The first point was to establish secure and stable tenancies through the ability to offer a long term tenancy option.