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The NZPIF is the umbrella body for 17 local Property Investors' Associations throughout New Zealand.

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  • Investing becoming more popular
    More people are interested in buying investment properties since the loan-to-value rules kicked in, the latest BNZ Consumer Confidence survey shows. It found a net 45% of the respondents are confident that the economy will improve over the next year.
    05-03-2014 more >>
  • Positive economy not LVRs drives interest in rental investment
    The Bank of New Zealand’s Nine Rewards Consumer Trends Survey indicates that interest in buying residential rental property has almost doubled since the LVRs were introduced
    05-03-2014 more >>
  • Low rents deter home buyers
    Low rents are discouraging people from buying their own homes, according to the New Zealand Property Investors Federation (NZPIF). NZPIF executive officer Andrew King said the cost of owning an average home was about $138 a week more than the cost of renting a similar property.
    02-03-2014 more >>
  • Will rental WOFs make the grade?
    On paper it sounds like a great idea. A checklist for rental properties which, if mandatory, would ensure that the 31 per cent of the population who rent are in liveable homes. Increasingly, though, there are murmurs from landlords and real estate agents about whether the rental "warrant of fitness" idea being proposed at council level will improve the tenant's lot.
    23-02-2014 more >>
  • Tribunal applications fast-tracked
    A new system designed to cut the time it takes to resolve tenancy disputes will only be available to big property management firms and Housing New Zealand at first. Housing Minister Nick Smith has revealed details of the new "Fasttrack" process for the Tenancy Tribunal.
    30-01-2014 more >>
  • Tenant trouble pushes landlords to sell
    Many landlords are choosing to sell their properties because of bad experiences with tenants, says the president of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation.
    27-01-2014 more >>
  • Affordability report questioned
    Criteria used to describe New Zealand’s housing as unaffordable are too simplistic and do not take into account the cost of borrowing, the New Zealand Property Investors Federation says. The Demographia survey compares housing costs in nine countries.
    21-01-2014 more >>
  • Investors won't make a loss: King
    Rent increases are bad news for everyone, the New Zealand Property Investors Federation says. The Salvation Army has released a report which says that rent rises over the past five years have made all low-income groups in Auckland, except superannuitants, worse off in real terms.
    15-11-2013 more >>
  • Respecting tenant rights.
    “No tenant should have to live in a mould-ridden unit,” said Andrew King, Executive Officer of the NZ Property Investors’ Federation the national organisation representing landlords
    13-11-2013 more >>
  • First-home buyers driving prices more than investors: King
    First-home buyers are having more of an impact on Auckland property prices than foreign investors, says the president of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation.
    05-08-2013 more >>
  • Concern at rental loan scheme
    Tenants who do not have the money to pay their bonds are likely to be strapped for cash and not very good at paying their rent either, says the president of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation.
    28-06-2013 more >>
  • Rental warrants examined by minister
    National’s new housing minister is looking into the possibility of a “warrant of fitness” for rental properties.
    25-03-2013 more >>
  • Plan offers investors opportunities: NZPIF
    Landlords holding on to properties with big sections may be able to get their money’s worth out of them under proposed changes in the draft Auckland plan, says the New Zealand Property Investors Federation.
    20-03-2013 more >>
  • Andrew King: Slash house prices? It would be a disaster
    Andrew King says it is wrong to say housing investors are reaping tax advantages over ordinary buyers.
    22-02-2013 more >>
  • LVR restrictions 'could provide wealthy buyers with cheap properties'
    Wealthier overseas buyers would benefit from the introduction of loan-to-value restrictions on property, says the president of the Auckland Property Investors Association.
    20-02-2013 more >>
  • Greens' scheme slammed
    The Green Party’s proposals to get low-income earners into housing have been panned by the New Zealand Property Investors Federation.
    25-01-2013 more >>
  • LVR restrictions could work: NZPIF
    Government restrictions on high loan-to-value loans have the cautious support of the New Zealand Property Investors Federation.
    15-11-2012 more >>
  • Government affordability proposals a mixed bag for investors
    Some property investors will feel the sting of the Government’s moves to tackle housing affordability, but not as sharply as they might have, says the New Zealand Property Investors Federation.
    30-10-2012 more >>
  • Tenants compete for quality properties
    Landlords can expect especially good returns from top quality investment properties at present, says New Zealand Property Investors Federation president Andrew King.
    26-10-2012 more >>
  • NZPIF backs IRD on rental business
    New Zealand Property Investors Federation president Andrew King has welcomed an Inland Revenue victory over a landlord it said was running a business.
    11-10-2012 more >>
  • Investment: Research pumps shares
    Study finds 40-year return on stocks more than twice that of property
    12-09-2012 more >>
  • Federation's survey challenges insulation claims
    Almost 80 per cent of rental properties have some form of insulation, according to a survey by the New Zealand Property Investors Federation.
    11-09-2012 more >>
  • Federation supports ring-fencing concerns
    Property investors should be very wary about Government moves to ring-fence losses on holiday homes, says Andrew King, president of the New Zealand Property Investors’ Federation.
    02-07-2012 more >>
  • NZPIF backs Productivity Commission tax findings
    The Productivity Commission's Housing Affordability report findings around the tax treatment of property have been welcomed by the New Zealand Property Investors Federation (NZPIF).
    12-04-2012 more >>
  • Joyce defends ‘more efficient' Super Ministry
    Property Investors have questioned why the Department of Building and Housing (DBH) will be merged with the ministries of Economic Development, Labour and Science and Innovation.
    17-03-2012 more >>

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