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Generation Homes - better by the year

Established in Tauranga in 1997, Generation Homes has since become a highly reputable name in residential construction. Today, it is known for its business innovation, staunch integrity, rigorous quality control, strong customer and supplier relationships, and dedication to building industry best practice.

Over the last couple of years, the firm has bucked the trend in the real estate recession, handing over more than 100 homes to happy new owners. It expects to triple that number over the next 12 months.

This success is underpinned by Generation Homes’ nationwide commitment to making the building process as pain-free as possible for all concerned. This means debunking the accepted practice of a new home costing 10 per cent more – and taking 10 per cent longer to deliver – than the client anticipated. Every home is delivered within 14 weeks and with no unexpected cost over-runs.

The company’s founding directors understood from the outset that in order to deliver the results that would set them apart from their competitors they needed to minimise the many external variables that cause building deadlines to be missed and costs to be exceeded. From the contractor’s point of view, realistic and comprehensive scheduling means the carpet layer or painter knows exactly what day they will be expected on site before the project even leaves the ground. This, in turn, means every client takes possession of their new house on time and on budget.

Generation Homes offers each customer a selection of home plans that have been designed for each individual lot within a subdivision based on extensive market research and the type of community the company is aiming to create. It considers the latest styles and trends, council guidelines and the home’s orientation to the sun to create a desirable home in an inviting environment.

The end result? High-quality, cost-effective new rental assets and expectations that are more than satisfied all round. Delivered for a fixed price, on time – guaranteed!

To find out more, drop past the Generation Homes stand at the 2010 NZPIF conference in Blenheim from October 15-17, or visit: