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FastTrack Resolution

Tenancy Services has a dispute resolution service for landlords and tenants making it faster and easier to formalise a rent arrears or debt-related agreement if the two parties involved in the dispute have reached agreement prior to filing a Tenancy Tribunal application. 

The service is called FastTrack Resolution, and it has helped hundreds of landlords and tenants save time and money as it bypasses the need to be available for a Scheduled Mediation appointment.   

How FastTrack Resolution works

Applying for FastTrack Resolution is a simple process that can be completed in three easy steps:

  1. AGREE - Reach an Agreement 

    Firstly, the landlord and tenant need to agree on how they’ll sort out the rent or debt problem.  They must also decide on what will happen if the agreement is not kept to. 

  2. ADVISE - Advise the tenant 

    Secondly, once an agreement is reached, the landlord advises the tenant that they will be filing a FastTrack Resolution application to the Tenancy Tribunal to formalise the agreement as a Mediator’s Order.  The landlord also needs to get current contact details for the tenant and advise that a mediator will call them within two business days of the application being filed. 

  3. APPLY - Apply to the Tenancy Tribunal  

    Thirdly, the landlord applies online for FastTrack Resolution (section 8 of the Tenancy Tribunal application), attaches the relevant supporting documents (such as tenancy agreement, rent summary and 14 day notice to remedy) and pays the application fee

What happens next?

Once the completed FastTrack Resolution application is received, a mediator will contact the tenant to confirm the details of the agreement.  If everything is as agreed, the mediator can formalise the agreement as a Mediator’s Order.  

For more information about how the service works and the benefits of FastTrack Resolution, go to

FastTrack Resolution – Agree – Advise – Apply – It’s that simple!  

Note: FastTrack Resolution is not suitable for all Tenancy Tribunal applications, and cannot be applied for after an application has been filed via Scheduled Mediation.  If there is a partial agreement or no agreement, then the application is not FastTrack-appropriate and will be referred to Scheduled Mediation.     

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